Something sinister going on within Labour

There’s also something more sinister going on at The Standard. From Just how wrong can you get it?


Step 2: Assume you can really identify who a person is on the internet, especially on sites you have no control over.

I’d dearly love to see the logistical planning involved. Sourcing the naughty comments, doxing the commenters’ handles, comparing to the membership list … but let’s be honest, the whole point of any policy change would clearly be to punish members whose identities are already well-documented (and who have been saying things said senior MP doesn’t like.)


There’s already a bit of that kind of thing going on. It’s why I won’t comment on Red Alert.

Colonial Viper

I have personally witnessed some of the backstory to this post. And it is a damn nasty and personal business behind the scenes. If anything, IB has sugarcoated the facts of the situation with his restraint (that’s not a criticism btw).

And in Open Mic:

Colonial Viper

Yes kind Lefty souls, I’m bugging out too, returning at some future date (hopefully not too far away). IB has highlighted some reasons why, and the stuff he is talking about isn’t kidding around. The miserable and ill-conceived pressure they are putting on Cunliffe and his supporters in caucus, well they are now turning that on to ordinary party members as well. Organisations which find themselves in this state, well what more do I need to say.

(Link to comment and responses)

Colonial Viper has probably been the most regular and prolific commenter at TS.

And maybe not coincidentally:


This will be my last post on the Standard (and probably any other blog) for a while at least – not too sure when Ill be able to post again, but it wont be until well into the New Year at least (perhaps when everthing has settled down).

That’s quite worrying (if you support the concept of free speech and open and transparent politics). The Standard does it’s own message and messenger control, but if it’s how it looks it is many degrees worse.


  1. Mad Mary

     /  December 7, 2012

    The pricks had my wee mikey banned from TM

  2. Mad Mary

     /  December 7, 2012

    I see wetfart is holding you to account

    • I’m used to people trying to divert from messages they don’t want to see by trying to scare the messenger. Very ironic on this topic.

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