Felix the splat

Felix Marwick is chief political reporter for Newstalk ZB. He thought things were winding down for the year. He reported in late this morning.

All retweets from me today. Sorry. Work capacity have been inhibited by a small matter of car vs bike.

Felix must be a sporty or a greeny.

intersection of chaytor and raroa

small asian man in a van

I’ve had better days


Felix splat

Maybe he’s a sporty greeny. Or a leprechaun on wheels.

every cloud has a silver lining. Today I’ve had some awesome drugs, and injuries mean I’m incapable of nappy duty for 6 weeks

I’ll be at the party, just have to get thru surgery tomorrow. Plus I only need 1 arm to drink

this explains the pic I posted earlier. And why I’ve been off work today

Good journo that he is he had the tape rolling.


I hope he recovers quickly. And bad luck for someone if there were any party stickers on the car.

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  1. Indy Fisher

     /  January 23, 2013

    Maybe you deserved it? Some cyclists think they own the road, you’re probably one of them. If you were so bad off, how come you could still drink alcohol and do nappy duty? You’re a cop out – looks like you sped up when the car was coming out. Loser.