Will Curran fall on Labour swords?

There have been hints that the Labour council are distancing themselves from Clare Curran and the letter she sent them.Vipette at Liberation…

10 December 2012 at 09:37 AM

The situation is pretty much as you say it – Clare Curran laid a letter of complaint against the person known as “Colonial Viper” with the NZ Council of the NZLP last week. I’m told that this letter seeks disciplinary action against Colonial Viper, who is a member of the party.

And Anon at The Standard make typical statements confirming the letter exists:

I’ve seen the letter. It exists, it is from Clare Curran to the NZ Council, and The Standard authors’ representations of it are accurate. It specifically targets Colonial Viper and talks about a need to do something to bring The Standard into line.

And this suggests what happened:

Maxton December 9, 2012 10:44 PM

As far as I understand it, a paper did go to Council discussing anonymous blogging. Lots of stuff goes before Council. Much of it is quietly filed in the circular file. I have it on very good authority that was the fate of this particular paper. And I got the impression that everyone rolled their eyes at this one, and it was very much an awkward interlude between a series of awkward decisions.

This suggests either that Curran then acted on her own (or with leader approval outside the council, or that the council are distancing themselves from Curran’s actions.

From Imperator Fish:

There’s no evidence to suggest that the MP was acting in concert with others. And one commenter here has indicated that the NZ Council didn’t see any merit in her request.

Which appears to reinforce the view that it was just the actions of one deluded MP with a history of making spectacularly bad calls. Probably not the crisis many people would like it to be.

I have no reason to believe that Scott is speaking for anyone but himself, but it wouldn’t be surprising if Curran is ring fenced by the party and falls on her sword (it’s hard to see her avoiding consequences).

To minimise the damage to the party it makes sense (surely someone will do something sensible eventually) if other swords have been involved in cutting blogger’s typing hands off that they are being rapidly wiped of blood and hidden.

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