Curran just the tip of the Labour iceberg?

A comment from The Standard from KhandallaMan-an Absolutely Fabulous Viper

I have seen a chain of emails from/to an active LP member who was barred from RedAlert last year because of comments she made on the Standard during the Leadership battle.  

The chain includes emails to/from Trevor Mallard, Moira Coatsworth and Grant Robertson.

The practice of looking in RedAlerts for real names, electorates and email addresses of people who are critical of certain party MPs is openly admitted. 

Shearer was a c.c. in some.  Prior to the barring, the information was used in an approach to the member’s nearest MP. 

Robertson saw no problems with the practice and effectively endorsed it. Mallard administered the practice. Moira was aware of the practice.  Clare Curran is just one of the cast in this farce.

Yeah, I know, another anonymous claim.

This fits with known information – all it does is adds some names to the list of suspects.


The timing involved in this is very curious. This relates to last year and the leadership battle. What were Mallard, Coatsworth and Robertson doing trying to control the leadership debate? And cc-ing  some to Shearer – he was kept informed (partially) but he wasn’t calling the shots?

This isn’t clear whether it relates to during the leadership battle, in which case Coatsworth taking sides is highly questionable, or if it is punishment afterwards.

In either case this adds to a very disturbing picture inside Labour.


  1. Darryl

     /  December 11, 2012

    Thanks once again Pete. This just confirms what a mess the Labour Party really is. Of course one has to look at the Leadership and ask why Mr Shearer is allowing it to happen. Problems always come from the top.

  2. SHG

     /  December 11, 2012

    The usual suspects, eh?