Whale sized hypocrisy at The Standard

I’ve commented a lot recently on Clare Curran’s attacks on blog commenters who she thinks criticise Labour leadership too much, but there’s also a glaring case of hypocrisy involved at The Standard.

Whale Oil posts on this: Paepae on the hypocrisy of The Standard

The attack on John an Josie was scurrilous and excused away by other members including the sysop Lynn Prentice. Now they are all outraged that Clare Curran is trying to silence an pseudonymous bully.

Whale was commenting on a post, by Peter Aranyi in How anonymous commenters see themselves (including some very good graphics).

It interests me that Clare Curran has suggested that commenter (whose identity is known to her) should pull his head in, now, finally, with a complaint to the Labour Council. Where was that sanction when the Paganis were being pilloried day after day at The Standard?

Debate can’t be decided by who will descend to the lowest, vilest behaviour.

Very good points. I’m totally against Curran targeting and intimidating and threatening and harrassing and banning Labour party members from blogs who she deems to be critical of some Labour MPs and the Labour caucus.

But it is hugely hypocritical of The Standard who target and intimidate and threaten and harrass and ban from their blog anyone who a protected Standard clique deem to be fair game or ‘the enemy’.

The Standard was at it again yesterday, with some of the usual anonymous suspects harrassing a new arrival – Brett Dale, apparently not using a pseudonym – to the extent that ‘Colonial Weka’ points out the nastiness of The Standard’.

But I know what you mean about new people being put off. People with unknown names get jumped on here quite easily, which means The Standard loses people that might make good contributions (quiet, less robust people).
In this conversation around Brett, I have been feeling increasingly uncomfortable about the nastiness directed at him and wonder if the culture at ts is veering too much in that direction. He’s being stupid, sure, but he’s not abusing people back, so what gives? Maybe others are attributing intent to him that I don’t see.

Repellant nasty behaviour is common at The Standard, and it is often gang nastiness with rarely any intervention form the moderators.

I see that ‘lprent’ hasn’t  banned or lectured Colonial Weka for criticising The Standard culture (as he has done in the past), but Colonial Weka is an accepted regular there so will probably be allowed to point out how toxic The Standard can be without reprimand.

Clare Curran has been draconian and highly hypocritical. For an MP, especially a spokesperson for IT, comunications and open government, this is totally unacceptable.

But The Standard’s nastiness and draconian filtering of messages and messengers is on a far greater scale of hypocrisy.

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  1. Personally I dont think Im being stupid. The standard has always been nasty to people who dont believe in the ideology of socialism.

    • I haven’t seen you being stupid, but I’ve often seen people attacked repeatedly if some of the rewsident trolls take a dislike to them, much like what has happened with you there. Most just can’t be bothered and leave, and then The Standard claims they have great open discussions.


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