Grinch Robertson’s Christmas jeer

Grant Robertson has posted on Labour’s final parliamentary speeches of the year at Red Alert.

The final Parliamentary debate of the year is an opportunity to sum up the political year and enjoy a few laughs. Labour had four speakers yesterday, and I will post them up in order today.

Adjournment Debate – David Shearer

 First up was David Shearer who delivered a funny but also very pointed summing up of National’s Year to Forget. The consensus at the Press Gallery Party last night was that his was the best speech on the day.

I’d prefer to hear the Press Gallery’s judgement from them.

Adjournment Debate – David Parker

Second up for Labour in the Adjournment Debate was David Parker. He went through National’s shameful economic performance (to quote David Clark, ” the worst economic record in 50 years!) and outlined some of Labour’s alternative policies. David has had a really good year shifting the debate on monetary policy and pushing the need for a more active government role to stimulate our economy.

More negative attacking to the fore but at least some Labour PR following that.

Adjournment Debate- Jacinda Ardern

Third speaker for Labour in the adjournment debate was Jacinda Ardern. This was an excellent speech, challenging the government’s abysmal social record that sees inequality at its worst ever levels and hundreds of thousands of children in poverty. Jacinda laid down some specific policy challenges for National to get in behind Labour’s policies.

More emphasis on National negatives.

Adjournment Debate – Grant Robertson

The fourth and final speaker for Labour in the adjournment debate was, well, me. Its a pity I can’t sing, but I did my best to end the year with a bit of levity through National’s 12 Days of Christmas aka the National’s 12 Fiascos. I hope you enjoy!

And Grinch closes with his own mish-mash of mockery. Maybe the few Labour supporters who risk venturing onto Labour’s flagship blog will enjoy the Christmas jeer.

Maybe Grant will have a happy transforming Christmas and make a New Year resolution to take a more positive approach to politics.



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