Request to reverse Red Alert bans

Therre was a couple of blog comments suggesting the reversing of mass bannings at Red Alert. At The Standard:


Intesingly red alert isn’t being moderatated to the same degree these days…love live CV.
Maybe they should unban everyone and start again.

And at Red Alert itself:


Uk without being rude or incurring the wrath of well CC perhap a salute to CV and freedom of speech is in order.
Also can I make a suggestion too.
We need a vibrant interactive labour blog so perhap delete the ban list and start again.
Labour is surely about freedom of speak differing opinion in broad broad tent of people.
We the people need a voice, we need connection and we need to interact in a free equal reasonable manner…
What say allow the banned voices back and start again…

CC refers to Clare Curran, who confronted CV (Colonial Viper) at the Labour Party conference over critical blog comments and then apparently heavied him and other Labour party members to cease commenting at The Standard.

However Curran has reiterated she wants to clamp down on free speech on blogs, to try and stop criticism of Labour (especially from within the party). So it’s unlikely she will listen – she may not hav even read the Red Alert request, because it hasn’t been deleted yet.

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