Human Trafficking in NZ

An Otago politics student Stephanie Lowe has set up an awareness website on Human Trafficking in NZ.

This also covers the trafficking problem worldwide (which is huge). Please at least visit the site and respond to the poll (in the right sidebar on the Home page).

The Problem – on a global scale

1. There are currently more slaves than at any other time in history – with some estimates of the number being as high as twenty-seven-million.

2. Sex trafficking is one of the three largest industries, coming after the arms and drugs industries. It is estimated to be worth around $32 billion.


The Problem – in NZ

1. There is very little information about the problem of human trafficking in New Zealand

2. New Zealand Government fully complies with the minimum standards for the elimination of trafficking – and is in tier 1 of the US Department of State’s Trafficking in Perons Report

3. The Prostitution Law Review Committee estimated that approximately 200 young persons under the age of 18 were working as prostitutes in 2004

4. New Zealand is a source country for underage girls who are forced in to internal trafficking

5. New Zealand is a destination country for foreign women and men subjected to forced labour

6. The men are usually from countries such as Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and Indonesia – and are usually forced to engagd in activities aboard fishing vessels with NZ waters

7. Women who are trafficked to New Zealand usually come from China and countries within South East Asia – they tend to be recruited by people in their home counrties as ‘labour agents’ for the purpose of prostitution

8. Victims trafficked from overseas usually arrive in New Zealand to have their passports confiscated, experience physical and mental abuse, and are forced to work extremely long hours with very little or no pay

9. There is a small percentage of girls and boys of Maori or Pacific Islander descent who are trafficked internally and forced to participate in street prostitution

10. Some Asian or Pacific Islander individuals migrate to New Zealand to work within the agricultural industry. However in some cases once they arrive here they find they have to work in far worse conditions than promised or for far less pay.

For more information about human trafficking in New Zealand you can visit:

Human Trafficking in NZ website:

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