“Told you they’d start fighting back”

Whale Oil has posted another attack on a minority in Told you they’d start fighting back…

Gingervitis is deadly…there should be something done about dangerous, soulless sufferers of Gingervitis.

Perhaps rounding them up and re-homing them in Palmerston North might best for us all before  something tragic happens

The Gingervitis link is to the Urban Dictionary:

  1. a disease held by a kid who has orange hair, pale skin and freckles on his face. Don’t confuse them with kids with orange hair but without the skin and freckles. Those freaks are known as daywalkers.
  2. The horrible disease that infects every single red haired person. Symptoms include: red hair, freckles, the lack of one’s soul, and the feeling that you just don’t belong in society. Gingervitis can be passed on to other people with the harmful bite, this bite can spread the disease to any person, so be careful around ginger kids.
    Andy : dude did you see that soul-less ginger kid?
    Eric : yeah, he definetly has gingervitis, don’t let him bite you.
    An incredibly serious disease in children. Symptoms are Red hair, white skin, and freckles.
  3. Okay, yeah, so Gingervitis is not actually serious. But it WAS on South Park (Season 9 Episode 11) !

Etc Etc.

This is disgraceful stirring up of discrimination over a natural appearance. I know it’s a slow blog month and big bloggers may be looking at controversial ways of driving up their hit rates, but the hitting may be not how they expected.

‘They’ may start to fight back.

Not by writing nasty counter attack posts targeting other minorities – like people suffering from depression. (Whale should consider how depression may affect those who are targetted for bullying).

By confronting the blatant blog bullying and encouragement of bullying.

The Truth is that adults, especially those wanting to build credibility and brands and circulations, should fucking well grow up and think about what damage they can do when they attack and bully minorities (and encourage aid and abet other abusers) based simply on the appearance some people were born with.

It’s a cheap shot that could be called childish if it wasn’t so nasty and potentially damaging.

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