Whale oil be still fighting back

There’s been a substantial show of opposition to Whale Oil’s nasty post against ginger haired people in Told you they’d start fighting back.

Whale has tried to defend his action claiming he is not bullying and making with outlandish suggestions ginger kids should resort to violence and attack bullies – and his post linked to a bullied teen in the US shooting his bullies. Here are his responses and defenses and my responses:

Fuck you guys are touchy…in fact this is very sooky behaviour.

I sent this link to one of my best mate with the subject line “I knew you fuckers would fight back one day” … he laughed and gave me some more ideas…bullys only learn to exist if they get away with it…you aren;t helping your kids by being sooks, they should line up the biggest one and smash them over…then stand over them and ask how they liked them ginger apples.

Honestly harden up…you are quite pathetic

No, it’s you that are way out of line on this.

I’ve heard the “my mate laughed so it’s ok” excuse before and that’s what is pathetic. Because some may laugh doesn’t excuse this sort of crap.

It can cause a lot of grief to not only people with the “wrong” colour hair but also to family. Deep hurt for some.

Apart from being fucking stupid promoting violence as a way of resolving problems, aren’t you aware that people with ginger hair are likely to be a minority of one amongst a bunch of thugs?

You’re the one without any hint of soul on this. You’ve been sensitive on some things, I’m surprised you are oblivious to how insidious and nasty this appearance targeted bullying is.

That is certainly an option, so is your son punching said bullies in the head…giving them a taste of red power.

I’m told I’m a dick all the time, that I won;t be successful, that I’m fat, that i’m a greasy blowfly…that I’m mental…using your definition that is all bullying…i get worse…including emails telling me to kill myself.

The comments and actions by those people say more about them than they do about me…honestly people need to stop feeling outrage over every little thing…htfu…we have become a nation of sooks

What’s sooky about standing up to bullying crap like this?

Because it isn’t bullying is is panty-waist sookiness on your part.

You’re contradicting yourself. You say that kids should harden up and stand up to bullies and nastiness but that blog commenters are sooky if they do likewise.

Who says it is bullying?…frankly people are being way too gay these days calling everything bullying.

My Ginger mate rang me up tonight and suggested that I had missed the point about the article I linked to….he thought the reason why his ginger brethren missed everyone on his shooting spree was because he was too used to the dark and the sunlight was squinting his eyes.

Bullying and being a nasty prat is not excused because someone thinks it’s funny.

Its the berserker gene that comes with being ginger…you know from the Vikings…that and the mutant gene pool

Recessive genes most likely…the berserker gene…polite terms for mutant genes.

There has been more beserkness demonstrated by ginger bashers.

Too true Travis. I’d rather be a bully than a ginger though.

It does seem that you would rather be a bully. Using your hard earned social media power in this way is a real shame.

Nasty blogging detracts substantially from blogger credibility and effectiveness.


  1. Martin

     /  January 17, 2013

    “Nasty blogging detracts substantially from blogger credibility and effectiveness.”

    That must be why he runs the most visited blog in the country?

    • Being a shock jock certainly helps the hit rate, as Whale well knows. But that doesn’t necessarily equate to credibility and effectiveness. TV1 news is the most viewed news in the country, how credible and effective is that (apart than for advertisers)?

      If I walk down the street and smile at people it will be largely if not wholly inconsequential.

      If I walk down the street smacking people I don’t like the look of in the face I will attract a lot more attention. Would you call that effective?