Labour Party members pissed on again

‘Eddie’ has posted an attempt at secretive leadership manipulation at The Standard – Shearer to put it to the vote

This post by ‘Eddie’ should be viewed with a lot of skepticism. It was ‘Eddie’ who kicked off the anti-Shearer furore on The Standard in the week leading up to the conference. Of course he/she said they was simply innocently expressing their opinion about Shearer’s leadership and it had no connection with Cunliffe – who got dumped not long after.

If this is approved Labour communications it is bizarre, if it is anti-Shearer it is brazen. In either case it is farcical abuse of the wishes of party membership for more openness and better democracy.

Someone or some faction within Labour is obviously trying to play power games using the ‘Eddie’ pseudonym. Is it pro-Cunliffe? Pro-Shearer? Roberston manouvering? Mallard fumbling again?

It doesn’t really matter whoever/whatever is behind ‘Eddie’, it is some sort of attempt to use The Standard to wrangle some sort of support and momentum, be it positive or negative, in relation to Shearer’s leadership.

It would be surprising if ‘Eddie’ is an official Labour leadership tool, it’s a bizarre and very risky way to try and jack up a political outcome.

Whatever, this makes a mockery of the legitimate use of pseudonyms online. Because the identity and connections within Labour of ‘Eddie’ are unknown by most people it is effectively an anonymous attempt to manipulate Labour opinion and support.

Openness and honesty are essentials in good politics. Labour membership voted for greater openness and better democratic processes at their conference.

Use of ‘Eddie’ is as dishonest as the Exclusive Brethren attempt to influence an election.

‘Eddie’ could be a front the Exclusive Comrades for all most people know – and speculation will be rife and fully justified on the identities and motives that ‘Eddie’ are trying to mask.

Those who are still allowed to participate at The Standard should be raising their eyebrows at how they are being used, but they will probably lower their eyes and get sucked into the playground.

Everyone should be very skeptical of a brazen move by an anonymous blogger.

And Labour Party members should be considering if this is how they want leadership power plays to be done in their party.

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