Te Reo Mokemoke promoting a certain Shearer win

David Shearer has his leadership in the bag and will be uncontested in February according to Te Reo Putake at The Standard (he seems to be in a different faction to ‘Eddie’).

You have never seen much cheerleading for Shearer from me, though his speech at conference was the best speech I’ve seen for a decade, so fair do’s to the man. I don’t think he is the best person to lead Labour (barely in my top 5) but the fact is he is the leader and will be PM in a couple of years. I really don’t much care at all which MP leads Labour (or the Greens), I’m actually concerned about policy, not personality.

But the continued fixation with Shearer at TS is getting boring. The real story in this post is the blue line, which keeps falling. Labour and the Greens are doing fine. They are in the box seat already and that is before either of them go into campaign mode.

Shearer’s conference speech was ok, relative to his previous efforts, but it was hardly the best speech in a decade, good grief.

The faux optimism continues:

In the politics of this century, the consistant decline shown by National is a clear pointer to the outcome of the next election, which will be won by the opposition.

TRP has been making similar claims of certain victory in other threads (albeit notably always Labour+Greens, never Labour recovering to levels of support they had in the Clark years).

But TRP is not so much the Voice of Reason he makes himself out to be, he’s a Lone Voice. He is facing growing opposition to his fairy tale views at The Standard.

Most commenters are frustrated at the lack of traction under Shearer’s Labour leadership – and they dread Shearer matching up against Key in the next election campaign. At least Goff went into the last campaign with extensive experience. Shearer still struggles with any communication that isn’t carefully scripted and rehearsed.

Apart from a couple of unconvincing cheerleaders (TRP being one) Labour and Shearer continue to be heavily criticised by their own activists at The Standard.

The “Eddie’ post may stir tyhe activists up into the leadup to the caucus vote but it’s not looking likley the infighting will abate any time soon.

And without a significant change to strong leadership it’s difficult to see much improvement in the medium term either. Despite TRP trying to talk up a win the 2014 election is impossible to call at this stage, there is too much yet to happen – and in the case of Shearer, possibly too much that won’t happen.

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