Blog reaction to cabinet reshuffle

David Farrar at Kiwiblog posted a preview – Reshuffle expectations – in the morning and was quick with a response at 12.20 (the announcement was at noon) – Key kept that close to his chest – . He was happy that the reshuffle exceeded his expectations.

Well John Key managed to surprise me and most other people, and has done a quite significant reshuffle, with a substantial rejuvenation of the Ministry.

I’m delighted that the PM has been bolder than expected, and effectively brought forward what I thought would be a year end reshuffle. And I’m looking forward to the new Ministers making a difference in their new portfolios.

There was a moderately active comment section with 51 responses so far.

Cameron Slater at Whale Oil was also quick off the mark with John Key has announced his new cabinet.

John Key has announced his new cabinet, and has axed Kate Wilkinson and Phil Heatley.

I can understand Wilkinson, she was inept. Someone in Bill ENglish’s team had to get the axe to cover for Hekia Parata and so it was Kate. But I can’t for the life of me work out Phil Heatley…is John Key saying that Phil did a worse job than Hekia?

Although there is some renewal bringing back Nick Smith and promoting Carter shows that Key is still beholden to Bill English, and rewards tired old faces.

The renewal looks promising with Simon Bridges rising into cabinet and taking on the Labour portfolio. Let’s hope he is small-dicked about his job in that role.

Notably he doesn’t comment on Nikki Kaye. There were 18 comments.

Slater also lists the full cabinet, and follows up with two more posts Which National MPs could leave John Key up Shit Creek? (4 comments) and The Dangers of Shafting Comrade Kate (15 comments).

Scott Yorke at Imperator Fish attempts some cynical humour from a Labourite point of view in John Key’s Reshuffle Analysed.

The biggest winner is Dr Nick Smith. He returns to Cabinet after his fall from grace last year, and is appointed as Minister for Creating a Perception of Crisis in Order to Justify Savage Cutbacks in Entitlements.

The biggest losers are Kate Wilkinson and Phil Heatley, who have been dropped from Cabinet altogether. Both have failed to perform, and their inability to communicate with the smoothness of someone like Hekia Parata will have counted against them.

Gerry Brownlee is to lead a new Insulting Everyone He Meets Ministry, which will tie in with his existing role as Minister for Ruining Christchurch.

John Key said his new Cabinet line-up was a strong one, and would bring a renewed energy to the task of doing very little to address the nation’s biggest problems.

He acknowledged that a number of MPs had been unlucky to miss out on Cabinet positions.

“I feel for the likes of Tau Henare, Melissa Lee, Maggie Barry, Katrina Shanks, John Hayes, and Kanwaljit Singh Bakshi.

“Any one of them would have made a superb Minister of Foot in Mouth. But Gerry’s doing such a fine job I just had to leave him there.”

A curious double dig at Brownlee who didn’t figure in the announcement or any coverage.

This post didn’t generate any comment.

Bunjii at The Standard had a pre-dig at the expected changes in

There was some comment before the announcement and some afterwards totalling 37 comments but it was more factual and subdued than critical which suggests an acknowledgement that it was a good announcement (for National).

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