Greens challenge Labour on housing policy

The Greens may be showing Labour up on how to develop and deliver housing policy. It will be interesting to have detailed look at it but they could have some good ideas, and it seems a lot better thought through and presented than Labour’s half-cocked Kiwibuild launch.

One initial thought after hearing Metiria Turei talking on Radio NZ – people don’t ‘deserve’ risk free house ownership, just as they don’t deserve guaranteed comfortable to live on incomes.

Most of the best things in life are attained by striving, and risks are unavoidable – unless you manage to get a nirvanic government in a paradise country.

But there’s some things in the Green housing policy worth considering.

Labour’s policy seems to blatantly target (buy?) middle New Zealand voters.

Greens policy is aimed at the people who have the most difficulty getting onto the property ownership ladder.

This puts even more pressure in Shearer with his big speech on Sunday. He already had the challenge of being more on to reinvigorating his caucus after Key’s cabinet ramp up.

Now one of Labour’s biggest policies is being challenged by the party they need to get into power, and Shearer can’t now just point out what policy they have, he will have to compete for attention with Greens very well timed competition.

Smart play by the Greens, we will now see if Shearer can improve on Labour’s current lacklustre performance and policies.

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