Zetetic’s loyalty and pseudonym confusion

‘Zetetic’ is a pseudonym used at The Standard. There seems to be some confusion as to what it stands for.

In ‘Cunliffe coup’ November Zetetic followed Eddie’s trigger post with one of his own that (intentional or not) added to the leadership challenge speculation.

Zetetic has again followed Eddie’s last Saturday at raising the Labour leadership issue – that attempt had seemed to fizzle even before Cunliffe made it clear he won’t be challenging Shearer in February.

But there’s some confusion over what Zetetic stands for.

Yesterday Zetetic posted Greens offer pathway to home ownership, better renters’ rights

The Greens have launched a big new housing policy (interest.co.nz has the most comprehensive report so far, Herald piece here) called Home for Lifet that fixes KiwiBuild and gives renters more rights. The problem with Kiwibuild is a lot of the target families can’t afford the mortgage.

Zetetic is promoting Green policy and criticisng Labour policy. And his closing remark…

Nice one, Metiria. Got my vote.

Sounds like he is supporting Green policy and leadership.

But in today’s stir For a February leadership vote Zetetic says…

No one in Labour can deny there’s a real issue with internal disunity. Not only is the caucus divided (and more than ever since the Shearer camp’s handling of the conference fallout), but there’s a major breach between the membership and the caucus. Unless this is fixed and we can get the party united we’re looking at another term in opposition after 2014.

Increasingly, people are coming to the view that the only way to heal this rift and unify the party is for caucus to take the leadership issue out to the membership this February so we can put it to bed once and for all. That’s what the conference was about. We wanted to make sure we were never ignored again. We simply want our right to vote, and whatever the outcome is I believe that will settle it.

So a pseudonym that supported Green policy over Labour policy and said “Nice one, Metiria. Got my vote.” is now talking as if they are a Labour Party member wanting a right to vote on Labour leadership.

Are these two Zetetic posts by the same person?

But in reality, if Shearer could show he was willing to give members a say by putting his leadership up for endorsement then I think he’d be rewarded for that and would likely emerge even stronger at the head of a united party. What loyal party member could not swing in behind his leadership if he’d been elected fairly by the caucus, the membership and the affiliates in a transparent and democratic process?

If the Zetetic posts are by the same person it does not portray the words and actions of a “loyal party member“.

It’s possible the Zetetics are one split personality.

Or is Zetetic like Eddie, another one entity trying to stir and pressure and influence the democratic processes that were agreed on at the Labour Party conference in November?

For all we know Eddie and Zetetic could be being used by the same Labour faction to try and influence the leadership outcome. Or Green faction (joke).

Such is the farce of political blog pseudonyms. Very undemocratic.

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