Is Mike Smith telling the truth?

Mike Smith claims not to know Standard co-author Zetetic’s Labour party connections. Yeah, right….

Yesterday Smith posted a perhaps ironical Tell the truth. In that he accused Zetetic of “telling porkies”. He also said of Zetetic:

I have no idea whether or not Zetetic is or has been a member of the Labour Party, or whether he was at the conference.

Zetetic made it clear in the post Smith was referring to – For a February leadership vote – that he was a party member and was at the conference.

Unless this is fixed and we can get the party united we’re looking at another term in opposition after 2014.

That’s what the conference was about. We wanted to make sure we were never ignored again.

Indeed, the specific vote to hold a special caucus vote using the 40% trigger this February was designed to ensure the membership finally got a say on the current leadership – either to endorse David Shearer properly or to put in place an alternative who had a real mandate. We simply want our right to vote…

Smith is one of the founders of The Standard and is a blog trustee. Fellow trustee Lynn Prentice explains their responsibilities.

Responsibility: I know most of the people who author posts on The Standard and Mike Smith knows the others. Between us we know everyone writing under a pseudonym. We have to. We are the trustees of the trust that is legally responsible for what they write. If they write something that exposes the site to harm, then we fix it.

It would be very odd if both trustees didn’t know the indentities and party connections of all the regular authors, especially authors like Zetetic who has regularly attacked National and promoted Labour interests in his blog posts. At times Zetetic makes some outlandish claims in his smear attempts.

Zetetic’s identity would surely be of interest to Smith, as he is legally responsible for what Zetetic writes.

Over the last few months Zetetic has also been prominent in his criticism of the Labour caucus and of Shearer’s leadership. Suggestions have been made that Zetetic has been part of a colluding group of people who have been trying to destablise Shearer’s leadership, although counter claims have been he and others are just individuals who coincidentally have run similar attacks at similar times.

Smith was Labour’s General Secretary until 2009 and is currently an employee in David Shearer’s office, so has an obvious interest in promoting Shearer’s leadership. His job is reliant on Shearer, and it is his job to support his leader.

It would be remarkable if Smith has not discussed the identy and party connections of Zetetic with Prentice over the past years. It would be surprising if Smith was not well aware of Zetetic’s identity since he started authoring at The Standard.

It appears as if it’s not only Zetetic who is telling porkies in their political game playing posts.

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