Breakfast versus Firstline

Fluff versus facts?

TVNZ’s Breakfast and TV3’s Firstline compete for audience from 6 am. There’s overlap, but there’s a clear difference and they are clearly addressing different markets, as these promotional tweets illustrate this morning.

TVNZ’s Breakfast@BreakfastonOne

15 minutes to on air and we are waiting for our lovely Director @shegelouise to return to the Control Room.

Rachel Smalley@Rachel_Smalley

Good morning, and we’re on-air. @FirstlineNZ No fluff, just the facts. 🙂

We each take our pick. Further illustrating the difference – here are their tweets from yesterday during their shows:

TVNZ’s Breakfast@BreakfastonOneToday we are talking ‘The State of the Nation’. @DavidShearerMP lays out his plan then @johnkeypm talks unemployment and apprenticeships.

What would be on your ultimate bucket list? A new comps been launched to find the best list so shortly @Lacey_Wilson dreams about hers!

Here’s the link to our chat with a TVNZ Current Affairs Producer who worked with @paul_holmes in the early days.

Firstline@FirstlineNZ232 die in panicky stampede in Brazil club fireBorrow more money, Govt toldTriple-dip recession looms for UK

No ‘super city’ for Wellington – mayor

Arts and music key to waterfront’s success

Shearer defends policy-free speech

Trotter: Good start to the year for Shearer

Mega: Service improves as visitors drop off

Pilgrams gather at the Ganges

I prefer facts without the fluff so usually have Firstline on (if there’s no live sport to watch), but most of my attention is on the Internet, looking for a range of news and commentary sources, and of course compiling blog posts.

And I keep an eye on Twitter so am influenced by the tweets announcing upcoming items.

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