Does Shearer have a problem with Mold?

David Shearer has enough problems of his own, but Brian Edwards says he is also getting bad advice.

And Shearer’s media image remains a problem. The blame for that must lie in part with bad advice.

‘A Nony Mouse’ comments on this:

I have commented before on your blog under my own name, but on this occasion, I must keep my identity from the general readership as this comment would have adverse effects on a colleague – rather than myself!

Your instinct about the poor advice being given to DS is spot on in my view. He has been let down again and again by Fran Mold as Press Secretary (the GCSB non existent tapes being a prime example). The reason why the Greens are reported more than Labour is because they can give you a response in 20 mins, Labour might take two days! Surely any Press Sec worth their salt would fix that issue as a priority, and yet, after 2 years with Goff and a year with Shearer, Mold has moved at the pace of a comatose sloth!

Likewise, his replacement CoS has yet to prove himself capable of the job, and I can not imagine him taking on a similar role in the Beehive should Labour win in 2014 (it’s worth noting that his first choice of CoS was pushed out by Mold – she obviously felt threatened, or that someone might make her do her job).

I think a lot of Labour supporters agree that some of the old faces need to go come the next election. The reality is that some of the tired old faces behind the scenes also need to go for us to stand any chance of winning the next election.

This looks like fairly damning inside information. It may be another sign that the tensions and infighting within Labour go right to the top.

And another comment, from ‘Anne’:

I wouldn’t place all the blame on Fran Mold. I think much of it can be laid at the feet of the ‘Anyone But Cunliffe’ (ABC for short) caucus club, some of whom have been afflicted with that condition known as “Tall Poppy Syndrome”.

Shearer’s conundrum is that these are the people who made him leader in the first place, and now he is beholden to them. An astute, experienced politician would never allow themselves to be placed in such a position. Best example? Helen Clark.

I’ve seen similar said at different times elsewhere.

Obviously Shearer has some major challenges in his party. There will be a lot of interest in how he reshuffles his MP limeup and responsibilities. About the only certainty at this stage is that if David Cunliffe isn’t reinstated to at least the level of responsibility he had before his demotion last year widespread disgruntlement will remain.





  1. Darryl

     /  January 29, 2013

    It is NO use making excuses for David Shearer, and blaming Fran Mold, or David Cunliffe. David Shearer is just not cut out for the job. Full stop. Capital letter. It wouldn’t matter who his Press Secretary was, he can’t answer a question, without stumbling, bumbling and he just cannot give a speech that actually makes sense. He would never cope in debates, with questions being thrown off the cuff at him, he would be a total mess.

  2. Shoreboy

     /  February 1, 2013

    Is Mold channelling Terry Coverley (The Thick of It)?