Dom Post wrong about United Future

The Dominion Post looks at the political year for the parties, including United Future:


Reinvent leader Peter Dunne and the party – or slowly fade into obscurity.
Hope that policies like “flexi super” give it some much-needed oxygen.

That is sort of accurate but omits some important points.

United Future has to reinvent the party without Peter Dunne, if this isn’t his last term I don’t seem him staying for more than one more. If he stands again next year UnitedFuture have to reinvent as more than a one man party.

And they have to do more than ‘hope’, they have to find ways of making themselves more relevant. Flexi Super is an opportunity (credit to UF for that) but they have to take advantage of it and make it count.

And the party needs to do much more. For that they need the people to do it. The party has a very sound policy base and would provide a very good opportunity for anyone with centre-ish liberal-ish inclinations to fast track their political ambitions.

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