John Key’s Prime Minister Statement – more diss

Toby Manhire at The Listener analysed John Key’s Prime Minister Speech from parliament yesterday and found much more criticism than promoting his own party and programme.

Numbers drawn from the Hansard draft transcript of John Key’s speech in the debate on the prime minister’s statement 2013, January 29. Watch it below.

Sentences used

  • bigging up National and/or the Govt 57
  • doing down opposition parties 85

Words used

  • Government 31
  • National (party) 8
  • Labour (party) 23
  • Greens 11
  • New Zealand First 1
  • All other parties 0
  • (David) Shearer 6
  • (David) Cunliffe 3
  • Russel Norman 1
  • Metiria Turei 1
  • Steven Joyce 1
  • All other MPs 0
  • Economy 7
  • Christchurch 3
  • Auckland  3
  • Wellington 0
  • Convention Centre 2
  • Hobbit 1

Labour-Greens four times more important than mentioning his own party?

Two Davids more important than the economy?



See also: Prime Minister or Parliament’s prime munter?

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  1. Joe Bloggs

     /  31st January 2013

    vaguely interesting in a trivial way… mainly for the omission of a similar analysis of Shearer’s address in which he refers to himself 49 times, clearly indicating he’s a party of one and knows it!

    • I’ve seen a few comments recently about Shearer overdoing the “I, me” approach. That’s ironic, as until Labour strategists switched to the ‘hands off’ attack (now being repeated and repeated) they tried to portray National as a one man band whose appeal was totally reliant on Key.


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