Prime Minister or Parliament’s prime munter?

Parliament opened for the year yesterday with John Key setting a disappointingly acrimonious tone that was continued by David Shearer, Winston Peters, and even Metiria Turei joined in with her insult despite criticising poor parliamentary behaviour in her speech.

The Prime Minister is being a prime munter.

Unfortunately it’s the childish crap that the media are more likely to report on, rewarding the obvious attention seeking.

NZ Herald: Insults fly as battle lines set

Stuff: Insults fly as Key outlines Govt’s plans

Rachel Smalley on Firstline: “Parliament is off to an acrimonious start this year”.

Not helping is what comes across as an arrogant approach by National to installing a new speaker. Whether they are deliberately aggravating opposition parties on this or not it is being handled very poorly.

John Key deserves a blast for this. He led the vitriol in parliament, and accepted acrimony as just “what you get”.

Speaker spat opens year

PM says he is expecting an acrimonious start to the political year, and the gloves are already off.

Key said he also expected it be a more acrimonious political year, saying: “That’s what happens the nearer you get to the finishing line.”

In fact Key appears to be actively involved in stoking the discord. It’s a bad look for parliament, and a very poor example is being set by the Prime Minister.

We shouldn’t accept parliament being a childish shitfight. Our Government and our MPs are supposed to be leaders, not bleeding idiots. He and MPs are supposed to be leading the country, not leading the sandpit.

If parliament continues this year in the tone set by Key it will be a petty showcase for what should be the prime institution of the country. Many many people outside politics are turned off and disgusted by the worst of politics and the worst of parliament.

After four years at the top it’s time John Key grew up in the house and lifted his game and his gravitas to something in keeping with his position as Prime Minister.

The New Zealand public should not have to tolerate a poor show put on by selfish attention seeking.

Key seems to like playing the prime munter role, but too much of it is unbecoming of the country’s Prime Minister.

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  1. Darryl

     /  30th January 2013

    Oh please for goodness sake. Right through 2012, the left spent their time putting down John Key every day. TV3 in particular every news break condemn the Prime Minister. As soon as he takes a stand and shows the Left up for what they are, your at him. Good on John Key, he is just giving them some of their own medicine, and he is head and shoulders ahead of them.

    • Of all people I don’t think the PM should lower himself to that level. He should maintain the dignity that the position demands.

      If the trashers drag others down even just to engage they have succeeded. They end up trashing their own reputations but they want to bring Key down with them. He should be better than that.

      • Darryl

         /  30th January 2013

        Well Pete, you might think the PM was lowering himself to the Lefts squalor, but to us he was just saying it as it is. It hasn’t changed our minds about John Key, it showed he can stand his ground. The trouble with the Lefties is they can’t stand being shown up for what they are. I have yet to hear anything constructive from any of the Left. They have spent their time in opposition throwing mud at John Key. He must be sick of it, I know we are.

  2. @ Darryl – Those comments of yours surely take the cake for the most pointless ad hom attacks in the blogosphere. Oh, that crazy ‘Left.’ Which is of course in complete agreement on everything, and is a monolithic entity.

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