Question time – Key and Shearer

Parliament had it’s first question time of the year yesterday (and Lockwood Smith’s last). Opposition MPs seemed to be lining up to try and make a mark by scoring points off John Key but the examinations were generally quite lacklustre, with only Annette King showing much passion.

Having been critical of Key’s opening speech from the day before I will say that he seemed to have a reasonable balance in holding the attacks at bay with accomplished ease.

David Shearer was once again criticised for his performance in comments at The Standard, for example ‘gobsmacke’d:

Shearer’s job today was to read out some prepared questions in Parliament. He struggled to reach the end of a sentence.

Nothing has changed. The Nacts are giving this guy all the ammo he could ask for, and he can’t even load the gun, never mind hit the target.

And ‘Enough is Enough‘:

Dead right!!! Nothing has changed. He has to fucking go.

All you pointy heads in the Labour Research Unit reading this. Let your leaders know. He can not win the next election and he has to go. And if he does happen to win he will not bring the change this country needs.

February is two days away. Let the beltway know what democracy sounds like. Call your local Labour MP now.

Many commenters on Labour leaning blogs have expressed dread in expectation of Shearer going head to head with John Key in election debates. Shearer is widely regarded to be poor at thinking and speaking on his feet.

This raises an interesting question about Question Time.

If Shearer and Labour succeed in next year’s election and manage to put together a governing coalition Shearer will be a regular target in Question Time.

He will have to up his ad lib game substantially to be able to deal with that with any credibility. Based on his current form there will be many dreading the outcomes.

Videos of Question Time starts with Winston Peters at InTheHouse here.

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