David Shearer’s image

Something’s been nagging me about recently used photos of Shearer. They don’t quite look like the Shearer I knew.

Shearer before

How I remember him

Shearer Jan 13

Speaking last Sunday

It may be just a quirk of the snap taken at the podium, but he looks quite different there.

And Labour’s website is now using a different photo of him, here is previous and now:

Sheare Labour org

Labour.org.nz – before and now

On the left is Shearer as he was presented for a year or so on Labour’s website. I suspect this is how he wanted to look, an ordinary bloke who is at ease when not flashed up.

And on the right is the image being used now on http://www.labour.org.nz/ – pehaps how his image makers want him to look.

But here is a comparison of unadulterated photos of Shearer last year in parliament, and yesterday.

Shearer in the houseLast year and yesterday in parliament

So Shearer looks pretty much the same in real life shots yesterday as he has done in the past.

Manufacturing a superficial visual image is not unusual in politics, but it adds to Shearer’s lack of authenticity. Especially when his body language keeps betraying his words.

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