Black humour from the left

In David Shearer’s weekly ‘newsletter’ Shearer Says, it says:

Greetings and Happy New Year.

Naki nark pointed out…

Mr Shearer this is February not Happy New Year.

R0b admits fault,  it wasn’t quite that overdue…

[This was sent out on 30 Jan, I missed it until now – r0b]

But that is still not New Year, and the troops are stilll not happy. But they manage some black humour.

Shearer says next…

We will be holding the Government to account and standing up for the hard working Kiwis that this Government has forgotten.

Responses (referring to that and Labour’s latest poll result):

Vivacious Viper:

Mr Shearer your caucus has proved over and over that you have not held the Nact’s to account at all, there are many, many failings by the nacts and yet Labour are still 31.5%

CV Real Labour:

Relax everyone. Although I didn’t realise it at first, I’ve been advised by many people on the other thread that 31.5% is actually a good, respectable, solid number. As such we can be confident that everything is on the right track.


Thanks to my son and his fondness for Harry Potter movies:

Hermione Granger: “Just relax, it’s Devels Snare, if you don’t relax it will just kill you faster!”

Ron Weasley: “Oh great now I can relax”

However there doesn’t seem to be much relaxing going on at The Standard. There are still too many political demons. Or dragons…


Shearer says Labour will be holding the NactUF to account, and this is met with howls that Labour hasn’t held Act to account at all. Anybody who bothers to watch Parliament TV or receives Labours press releases knows that to be untrue.

The illegality of such comments aside, they’re entirely uncalled for and you guys have obviously completely lost it.


Sorry, but waving a stick around and declaring, “Behold, I have slain the dragon” does not mean that one has actually slain the dragon.

The dragon has to be seen to be dead – it rather helps one’s credibility. If it is lying down, not breathing and there is a sword sticking out of it, blood is leaking all over the place, the princess is safe and so on, then that’s even better.

“A hack in my department sent out a press release saying that the dragon is naughty” is not enough.

Argument over who has ‘lost it’ continues.

And QOT demands:

So, where are my fucking royalties?

This points to where QOT posted a boilerplate for constructing banal PR newsletters in November. The polls and the painstakingly pointless political platitudes have hardly changed since then.

And Whale Oil has a caption contest:

ovRjG1z-630x429[1]Looks like Labour’s carcass at The Standard.

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