Extraordinary inside attack on Shearer’s press secretary

Labour insider ‘Eddie’ at The Standard continues to be highly critical of David Shearer, but his latest post also includes an extraordinary attack on Shearer’s press secretary Fran Mold.

There seems to be general acceptance at The Standard  The Standard that Shearer is safe as leader. Labour’s caucus gets a leadership confidence vote tomorrow and all indications are that this is sewn up by team Shearer.

Having failed in a second bid to foment an uprising against Shearer whoever currently uses the ‘Eddie’ pseudonym has changed aim.

There is a very critical post at The Standard today on Living together (with the Greens). It opens:

There’s a thought in some parts of Labour – in fact, only the Leader’s Corridor, far as I can tell – that they need to ‘put the Greens in their place’, then they will get back the votes that the Greens have taken from them, and that will lead to victory. It’s an Underpants Gnome strategy, missing the crucial link of how doing what they want to do emotionally results in the supposed objective.

That’s a clear diss of the leadership team. Then criticism is aimed directly at Shearer…

KiwiBuild is very much Shearer’s baby. It is fundamentally flawed…

Remember that this is a Labour insider attack on party leadership, strategies and policies. Then the target changes…

The other approach is to seek to undermine the other party’s policy, which has blowback because your own similar policy gets discredited too. That’s what Labour’s Fran Mold seems to have advised Shearer to do on housing in the mistaken belief that discrediting the Greens’ policy would let Labour ‘own the space’.

‘Eddie’ then made an extraordinary attack on Mold.

It looks like Armstrong’s piece yesterday was fed by Mold too (you know, if she spent half the effort attacking National as she does on attacking Cunliffe and the Greens, she might be worth half her $200K+ pay packet).

Here a Labour faction spokes-pseudonym accuses Mold of being instrumental in ‘feeding’ John Armstrong’s weekend column in NZ Herald.

And ‘Eddie’ also reveals Mold’s salary level, suggesting this is being fed by someone who knows about senistive employment information. Or  is guessing or bullshitting – ‘Eddie’ has a reputation for the latter.

It’s hard not to see this as a blatant attempt to discredit Mold and to stir up feelings inside Labour against her.

There is no shortage of grounds to criticise Mold. Team Shearer’s media and communications strategies have dismayed many. And Mold was directly linked (via her partner) to Shearer’s GCSB accusations that emabarrassed him when no backup evidence was forthcoming.

But this is dirty politics, red on red.

Shearer might be secure as leader in the meantime, but the undermining and fomenting of unrest and division via anonymous party linked bloggers looks set to continue. Labour’s civil war appears to be nowhere near over.

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