Annette King on housing policy

In response to a post at The Standard on Labour and Greens living together Annette King has commented on housing policy:

Labour welcomed the Greens housing policy, I should know as I did most of the interviews!

The Greens said their policy built on Labour’s, making the point a govt needs to lead the build of affordable housing to help people into. Thats what KiwiBuild does. There is no commitment from the private sector to fund first homes for NZers.

Our policy and the Greens will be closely scrutinised by our opponents regarding costs and where the money is coming from.We are not afraid of that.

Shearer was asked what the average cost of a house in Auckland is, he replied around $550,000 ( a fact) then said under Labour’s policy cost would be considerably less. How come that part is missed out of any commentary? I could show existing houses for $300,000 in Auckland.

That’s not the issue. Existing houses don’t add to the total number of extra houses needed for people to live in, estimated as an additional 12,000 a year. Why try to create a division where there is little?

There is nothing untoward in questioning how policy will work. You are too quick to put the boot in. The policy is not flawed.

Perhaps you might like to wait as we work with a wide range of organisations and individuals (including NGOs) to put the implementation plan in place before the election for immediate implementation afterwards.

The key components are: 100,000 affordable houses over 10 years;funding provided by Govt through housing bonds; bulk building with considerable scope to bring costs down plus use of govt land (eg Labour’s policy at Hobsonville- state houses plus affordable homes, a mixed development); focus on areas where housing affordability is growing problem (it’s not just about Auckland although its the area of biggest concern); policy to assist people with the deposit gap.

King may not have read (or may have dismissed) John Armstrong’s warning:

John Armstrong: Warning flashes from a housing nightmare

Labour has officially welcomed the Greens’ contribution to the affordable housing debate. Instead, it should quarantine this Nightmare on Struggle Street before it taints its own policy by association.

Labour have proven to be bad at avoiding policy nightmares, and if they get into bed in the same housing as the Greens the tossing and turning may get worse.


  1. Darryl

     /  February 4, 2013

    If Annette King has anything to do with this miracle Housing Policy. Beware! Most of the Portfolios she has had anything to do with in the past, have been tainted.

  2. Ha ha, Thanks for introducing the paragraphing.

    • Odd that Annette said “used to, then told old fashioned!”, like she didn’t stop to consider readability and just accepted that? Makes you wonder what other advice she might be taking without any common sense applied.

  3. Naturesong

     /  February 5, 2013

    Two comments, both argumentum ad hominem.
    Surely you can find fault with the policy rather than the person?