John Armstrong refutes Eddie’s accusation

Once again ‘Eddie’ has been found out promoting incorrect claims in now familiar Standard attempts at political muckraking.

Yesterday ‘Eddie’ attacked David Shearer’s press secretary Fran Mold:

It looks like Armstrong’s piece yesterday was fed by Mold too (you know, if she spent half the effort attacking National as she does on attacking Cunliffe and the Greens, she might be worth half her $200K+ pay packet).

As usual ‘Eddie’ made no attempt to substantiate this accusation.

And John Armstrong denies anything like this happened. I queried him on it and he replied:

As usual, Eddie and The Standard are looking for conspiracies where there aren’t any. I have long stopped worrying about what is written about me, especially as most of the people posting or comnmenting have not got the guts to use their real name. 

Still, The Standard has been essential reading lately … 

For the record, I haven’t spoken to Fran Mold since the Greens released their “Home For Life” housing package. Neither has she “fed” me anything. The part of Saturday’s column dealing with the Greens’ package is my own work and view and mine alone.

‘Eddie’ has a right of reply here but I wouldn’t expect him to front up. He usually sticks to anonymous attacks under the protection of Standard moderation. When I challenged him on another of his smear attempts last year he banned me for not proving he was wrong quickly enough. He made no attempt to prove he was right.

So decide for yourself who is more credible, a longstanding political journalist writing for NZ Herald or whoever in a Labour faction happens to be allowed by lprent to use the ‘Eddie’ smear pseudonym at The Standard.

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