Speaking on Waitangi double standards

Some have just had their annual discussions at Waitangi, and others have had their annual say on Waitangi. That has revealed a doubled standard.

Hone Harawira enjoys Waitangi’s annual opportunity for ‘robust discussion’. The history for that goes back to 1840, so fair enough. The attention seeking antics of his mother and a few others are more questionable.

Many people have spoken against the antics, and have queries the national day-ness of Waitangi Day. It seems to more of a day for some Maori up north.

And I’ve seen a few blasts directed at people speaking about Waitangi.


Dunne and Shearer are effectively calling for a Day of Forgetfulness.

You just want to remember the bits that make you feel nice. But history isn’t about feeling nice, it’s about being true.

I’m not advocating anything be excluded. You are: that grievances be papered over, minimised in the name of faux harmony.

Lew wanted grievances heard – but just his preferred grievances, his attacks suggested that he wanted to exclude Dunne and Shearer for not playing his game, for speaking their own minds.

Also fairly typcial is this blog from No RightTurn:

Shearer on Waitangi Day

Another year, another Waitangi Day, and another call from Labour leader David Shearer for the day to be about “celebration” rather than reflection. As I noted when he did this last year, this is basically a call for us to deny our history, to forget the wrongs that were (and still are being) done.

Its a demand that Maori shut the fuck up and stop ruining “our” (meaning “not their”) day, a dogwhistle to rednecks and lazy Pakeha who just don’t want to think about where “their” wealth came from.

No one was demanding anyone shut up, they were saying what they thought. No even robustly. He has a right to do suggest a preference for celebration. That doesn’t deserve an abusive response.

Waitangi Day has a history of speaking one’s mind. That shouldn’t be limited to some small minded people who think they and their views have an exclusive forum every 6th February, where they can criticise whatever and whomever they like, however they like, but anyone outside their circle is abused if they do likewise.

Some people like to celebrate at Waitangi. Others should be able to suggest a country-wide celebration, on February 6 or a different day of the year. This does nothing to diminish the importance of those who enjoy Waitangi Day in Waitangi. Unless they want to be the sole focus of attention.

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