Metiria clarifies position on four year term

Metiria Turei has responded to a query on the Green Party position on parliamentary terms.

We don’t have a policy on it which is one reason we think it’s fit for a referendum. I talk to many many business and community organisations whose greatest problem is radical shifts in policy. It leads to deep instability and makes planning very difficult.

One of the benefits of a four year term is longer periods of policy implementation and greater stability for those who are affected.

On the other hand, radical governments will still behave appallingly so there is no guarantee and of course, its longer before such a government can be voted out. There are good and bad aspects to the current three year and the suggested four year terms. Its always good to discuss it.

I agree it is worth seriously discussing. There are always pros and cons, it’s a matter of weighing them up. This should happen via the constitutional review that’s under way.

And once discussed the final decision should go to the people via a referendum.

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