Greenpeace report ‘for discussion’ is a Green ‘economic formula”?

Greenpeace have launched an economic report. From Stuff:

Today, the environmental lobby group will make public a 30-page report, The Future is Here, outlining the economic gains within New Zealand’s reach if it begins transforming its oil-based economy to a green one. …

The think tank modelled what would happen if the country produced 100 per cent of its electricity from renewable sources by 2025, and was fully reliant on renewables for all its energy needs by 2050.

Where the report stumbles is on the financial side, giving no detail on the level of investment required or the economic tradeoffs, making it impossible to judge if the transformation would be worthwhile or simply a pyrrhic environmental victory.

Argent said this was a deliberate choice, with the aim of the report to spark a discussion rather than getting too bogged down in the numbers.

So the aim is to spark a discussion. But it has already sparked approval from Green leader Russel Norman:

The Green Party is giving a tick of approval to Greenpeace’s economic formula.

The environmental group argues that promoting clean technology could create jobs, and save the country billions of dollars in reduced oil imports.

Green Party co-leader Russel Norman says Greenpeace has set out a credible plan, and it is one the Government should adopt.

But the party doubts they will.

“This Government has shown its hostility to renewable energy and the green economy.

“I think what it shows is there is a great opportunity to New Zealand, and given a good Government, I think we can grab it.”

Greenpeace say they aim to ‘spark a discussion’ but Russel Norman is already calling it an ‘economic formula’ and a ‘credible plan’.

That’s remarkable, someone aspiring to be the next Minister of Finance not wanting to get too bogged down in the numbers.


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