Labour attempting to convert The Standard into Red Alert 2?

The Labour strategy team seem to have come up with a cunning plan – rather than try and rescusitate a brain dead Red Alert blog they seem to be making moves on The Standard, trying to convince the troops their to become loyal party propagandists. Some are already propagandists, but loyalty to Labour leadership is very sparse.

As soon as David Shearer was re-confirmed by caucus as unchallenged leader there has been a flurry of visits by MPs and ex MP to The Standard. This is a different change of approach to ‘ignoring’ The Standard and dismissing it as insignificant anonymous no hoper no voters.

First was Annette King.

Next was Darien Fenton.

Yesterday Clare Curran had a go – particularly interesttinmg as she was very unpopular at The Standard last December, having been involved in attempts to muzzle Labour members who where being critical of the party leadership.

Hi there The Standard. Would like to comment occasionally. Our affordable housing policy and our monetary policy show we have moved a long way and are doing some deep thinking. Our relationship with The Greens is strengthening and mostly good and warm. We work together on many issues. The manufacturing inquiry is a very good example of this. We don’t agree on everything which is a healthy thing. My hope is that we can continue good, honest debates and be moving in the same direction.

That totally ignores sentiments and what has been discussed at The Standard for some time, and shows a total failure to understand the blog culture. It is an insulting attempt in soppy party PR – something many at The Standard have been highly critical of. And Curran had zero mana  points in the blog bank to try and pull a stunt like this off.

And today Stuart Nash has joined the campaign. He was an MP last term and was David Shearer’s first chief of staff last year (since replaced). After this comment in which he said things like:

I very much know what the issues are that good hard working NZers find important.

– an often repeated Labour parrot phrase that is widely despised at The Standard

and they need to be held to account along with all parties vying for labour’s votes and voters.

– talking as if Labour owns votes that others are trying to take off them

…he  has added…

I acknowledge all you say Anne, and agree with most, but I would just like to see this site as the place where the govt really is held to account for the way it has so badly failed the people of NZ.

There are some incredibly smart people on here (and I have immense respect for LP, who I have known for a while now) but let us never forget who the real enemy is: its not Shearer – or Cunliffe – its Key, Banks and the pricks who have driven up inequality to a dreadful level in this wonderful country we are all so passionate about.

Mind boggling. This response from Bill is probably typical:

I think what I detest – not above all, but it’s certainly right up there – is people trying to tell me what the fuck to do and what the fuck to think. And the noble defenders of the lost cause that used to be the Labour Party seem to be one trick ponies demanding silence and obedience/loyalty. There’s just nothing beyond that basic bleat. Whether it’s couched in pleading terms or accusory terms, it’s the same old, same old.

So to save you some energy and typing time, I’ll simply say this. It’s not happening. I won’t sit down. I won’t sit back. I won’t shut up.

If the Labour Party wants ‘nice’ commentary then the onus is on the Labour Party to get its shit together and deserve ‘nice’ commentary.


I suspect many from within and outside the party would think similarly at The Standard.

Labour almost seem to by trying a strategy of converting ‘The Standard’ into a loyal Labour blog that will dutifully attack their enemies as directed by leadership. It’s as if they have given up on Red Alert, having squashed any dissent and banned it into a ghostblog, and are now trying to take command at The Standard.

I don’t see lprent giving up his collective of personal power easily, and the Standard troops are not going to stomach this apparent coup without out a major fight.

It’s more likely The Standard will rebel even more against Labour leadership.

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  1. Darryl

     /  11th February 2013

    Labour deserve every thing they get.


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