Shearer: absolutely there’s room for MPs with homophobic views in Labour

Zac on bFM Breakfast interviewed David Shearer this morning. It was typically a bit of a challenge to follow.

Zac: Is there room for MPs with homophobic views in the Labour Party?

Shearer: Oh look yes, absolutely, there are some, when I say homophobic I don’t think we’ve got any homophobes there, but, there are some people who don’t agree with, ah, um, unsection (?) marriage,  you mean you know, a marriage between two, two people of the same sex, um, that’s ah, that’s not ah a a majority but um look you know at the same time as we, you know we’ve been at the forefront of these things, we’ve also had people who didn’t agree with it, there’s plenty of room for them as well.

It seems as if Shearer is saying there is ‘absolutely’ room in Labour for homophobes, although he appears to not be sure if there are any.

I doubt that would be a welcome view with all of his caucus or his party members.

Link to audio at 95bFM

Edit: added comment

Most of the interview is a confused and confusing ramble. An interview on student radio must be one of the least pressured forums to speak. They were easy questions on topics Labour should be strong on. It’s really quite embarrassing, I feel sorry for Shearer to an extent but hell, he’s put himself in that position and fought to hold it.

We can’t have a speaker like that representing the country.

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