McFlock’s false accusation

A lot of false accusations fly around the blogosphere, and I’ve been the recipient of many. In a discussion last night at The Standard about the accuracy of David Shearer’s homophobe faux pas McFlock at The Standard said:

So pete seems pretty accurate about the waffle. As supplied by Whaleoil.

That’s petty (not unusual) and wrong. As I can’t respond to McFlock at The Standard I’m pointing out his blatant bull here.

Whale Oil had nothing to do with it. If Whale Oil had been the source he would have posted on it himself. The fact is that Shearer’s radio interview was brought to my attention at The Standard.


David Shearer interviewed on bFM this morning …,209942,

Too many head-desk moments to cite, but probably the worst is his reply to a simple question:

“Is there room for homophobes in Labour?”

Answer: yes, no, maybe, not a majority, something, whatever …

Basically he’s asked to explain the difference betwen a party position and a conscience vote. That’s not a trick question. You could answer it in two sentences. Shearer can’t.

That was 1.30 pm on Monday. I read that in the evening, transcribed the first part of the interview and…

Published on: Feb 18, 2013 @ 19:50

The transcript was later picked up by other blogs (including The Standard). Whale Oil didn’t post on it until the following day:

Shearer on homophobes and Labour, Robertson will move soon after this balls up
by Whaleoil on February 19, 2013

McFlock, this was a pathetic and dumb accusation, a cheap shot that doesn’t make sense.

Whale Oil supplying me with material for the  post would be like TVNZ supplying D Scene with a story and then reporting on it themselves the following day.

Shearer doesn’t need a Vast Right Wing Conspiracy to discredit him (I’m not ‘right wing’ anyway), the Vast Standard Disillusionment leads the charge there – and there’s no shortage of ammunition provided by Shedarer himself.

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