Cunliffe “is going nowhere”

Commenting on Labour in Charge of the limp brigade Chris Trotter coments  on the departure of Charles Chauvel and speculates on David Cunliffe:

Charles Chauvel, “Champagne Charlie”, that wilful roisterer whose liberal disposition and utterly brilliant legal mind promised a Labour Attorney-General and Justice minister of rare ability and enduring achievement, is merely the latest victim of a Labour caucus which, increasingly, is distinguished by nothing other than its dreary mediocrity.

I ask myself: “With Champagne Charlie gone, can the talented Mr Cunliffe be far behind?”

I asked Greg Presland about this on Kiwiblog and he responded:

DC is really enjoying his time being the MP for New Lynn and is working on some long term local campaigns. He is going nowhere.

Trotter is obviously pondering, and Presland has previously acknowledged he’s on Cunliffe’s New Lynn electorate committee so is going to be much closer to what is actually happening there. I’ve got no reason to doubt his confidence that Cunliffe “is going nowhere” as per Chauvel – and another reliable source has indicated similarly.

This is good for Labour. Despite all the talk of internal divisions – and there’s some validity to that – Labour badly needs to retain MPs of Cunliffe’s ability and experience (it’s hard to see a more valuable MP for Labour at the moment if caucus is able to work together on a common cause).

The irony is that Labour without Shearer would be a party with a different leader, but Labour without Cunliffe would be severely weakened.

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