David Garrett’s version of Hide’s ‘hate’ remarks

I’ve received quite a bit of criticism for posting how 3 News reported Rodney Hide’s ‘hate’ comments at the Act Party conference (see Rodney Hide’s ‘hate’ speech). It’s been a case of attacking the messenger. I offered to circulate the Act Party’s version but they have not yet provided a statement.

David Garrett disagreed with this on Kiwiblog, from here:

PG: You really must stop getting your information from the MSM… or dare I say it, being dishonest. I was AT the ACT conference…it is completely incorrect that Hide “refused to revisit…” the jest about the poor, Maori, and unions…IN FACT the MC, sensing that the fuckers would misuse what was clearly intended as a jest, invited Hide to come back and clarify, which he duly did, and very eloquently too…

His ” well, that’s true” was clearly intended to refer to our dislike of the unions, and not the poor and Maori…as the rest of that part of the speech made quite clear.


How many of you loftily opining on whether Hide was making a joke (I am the first to agree it didnt come out right) were actually THERE? Because if you weren’t, seeing the bit that ran – entirely predictably – on TVNZ last night will give you no clue to the context…which was created by several sentences which came before…(I am assuming what was on TV3 was the same, perhaps with a bit more breathless outrage….)

However…when Hide looked down the TV3 cameras and said “bastards!” THAT was “just joking, but not really” IMO…but then I know the man well, and share his view of the quality of the MSM, TV3 in particular….


What I would like to know Pete, is from where did you get the bit about Hide “refus[ing] to revisit that”? That statement is not a matter of opinion, or interpretation, it is 100% untrue…Jim Hopkins – himself a former journo, so knowing exactly that the pricks were going to do with that comment – asked Hide to stay, explained with as much levity as he could why the joke didnt come out right, and asked Hide if he would like to come and “do that bit again”…which Hide then immediately did…

How in the name of Lucia’s deity can you get: ” he refused to revisit that” from THAT sequence of events? Come on PG, I’d really like to know….you can’t have been there, or this comment would be unnecessary…

I responded:

DG – see this video from about 55s – Rodney says No to revisiting the “hate the poor, hate the Maori, hate the unions” from Hopkins and TV3 then cut and said “He refused and took direct aim at 3 News”.

Is that incorrect?

And Garrett confirmed he thought it was incorrect:

PG: Yes, that is totally incorrect…see my comment at 5.59….as anyone else who was there will confirm, THAT is what went down, not some cut and pasted version from some prick at TV3..

I’ll see if some prick at TV3 will respond to this.

And I suggest that if while in the glare of media “…Hide was making a joke (I am the first to agree it didnt come out right)” – wouldn’t it be wise to make every effort to put right the mistake?

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