Labour’s ‘economic development’ needs development

New Labour spokesperson on Economic Development, David Clark, has a column in this week’s D Scene. Is this a pointer to his thinking on economic development?

Things need to change. The minimum wage needs to rise to $15…

Clark has been campaigning on that for nearly two years. I wonder when he will discover the effect of inflation.The current minimum wage just increased to $13.75, another couple of years and it may just about be $15 anyway.

…our tax system needs reform to stop our wealthiest citizens avoiding their share of tax.

Clark uses simplistic repeat phases a lot, perhaps he will do some detail on what he would actually propose on that.

When it requires half a 40 hour wage to put a healthy meal on the table each day power and rent are a stretch.


Perhaps he could read the book Pig Tits and Parsley Sauce:

She has written about how she slashed her grocery spending from more than $200 a week for herself and two teenage children to $100, then to $75 for three people and a baby when her grandson was born and his father moved in, and now to $35 for herself and one daughter.

They are the better for it too, because they are eating more healthily, she says.


Clark has been caught out making dubious claims in the past, including confusing revenue with profit – see Facebook and Google tax. If he wants to be a heavy hitter in economics he needs to do some heavy duty research and do more than repeating lightweight talking points with as much substance as a leaf of lettuce.

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