Mallard response to Chauvel?

Following Charles Chauvel’s valedictory comments:

Instead in order to avoid history repeating, it’s time for an honest, open and overdue assessment of why the 2011 campoaign produced Labour’s worst ever electoral result.

Those responsible for it should make dignified exits…

Trevor Mallard seems to have responded:

My decision to seek Hutt South nomination just reinforced

‏Not surprising, he has been blind to the damage he has been doing to Labour so far, that’s not likely to change after an “enemy within” has been successfully driven out.

And the feedback (that will be ignored) from The Standard:

Naki nark

Trevor Mallard was campaign manager. Maybe Trevor is what Charles was speaking about.

But instead of thinking about it Trevor went on Twitter and said ‘My decision to seek Hutt South nomination just reinforced’ after the speech.

I think that Trevor is very bad for Labour.


Utterly disgusting behaviour by Mallard.


He can seek the nomination. But I hope every person who is willing and able fights like hell to make sure he loses.


And this is exactly why Labour are getting it so wrong.

I don’t like Mallard, I think he should leave Parliament. This would help Labour.

hush minx

I would have hoped he could have responded with a bit more grace and generosity than that, but then again it is Trevor! He never really has accounted for the poor performance of the last election. Mind you, Grant hasn’t either.

So Labour lose some experience and expertise they can ill afford to lose and a diminished caucus will stumble on as usual.

A comment on Chauvel’s exit from ‘kiwi in america’ on Kiwiblog:

This is unprecedented. Think of the venomous feuds of the past: Quigley and Waring v Muldoon, Lange v Douglas/Prebble, Richardson v Bolger only Winston Peters was that venal about his former colleagues but at least he put his money where his mouth was and formed his own party. The rest never slammed their own caucus colleagues the way Chauvel has. This demonstrates the depth of bitterness in the Cunliffe camp – a bitterness that has led to Chauvel’s huffy exit from Parliament.

A bitter pill has left the bottle but 34 remain.

Video link: Valedictory – Charles Chauvel – 27th February, 2013

See also The Chauvel valedictory at Kiwiblog and on Charles’ valedictory at The Standard

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  1. “A bitter pill has left the bottle but 34 remain.” That’s the quote of the day.

  1. Mallard responds to Chauvel | Kiwiblog

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