RadioLive jumping the Supreme Court gun – transcript

RadioLive rushed their announcement of the Supreme Court ruling on asset sales and got it totally wrong. Here is the transcript:

RadioLive breaking news

And yes, just confirming that the Supreme Court has ruled in favour of ther Maori Council, effectively calling a halt to the Government asset sales programme, until Maori water rights are recognised.

The Council took an appeal to the Supreme Court last year, after losing a High Court argument that the sale of Mighty River Power was a breach of the Treaty of Waitangi.

So just repeating that breaking news, the Supreme Court has ruled in favour of ther Maori Council, effectively calling a halt to the Government asset sales programme, until Maori water rights are recognised.

Duncan Garner:

Well welcome back into the programme, thanks geoff, that is a massive story developing this afternoon which, ah, completely undermines the Government’s economic programme, you must remember that the Government was hoping to bank 5-7 billion dollars from the four state asset sales of those power companies, so this completely undermines the Government economic agenda and of course that surplus for 2014-15, a very very serious story for the Government indeed, and we will get reaction throughout the afternoon.Hopefully as well from the Prime Minister and Finance Minister Bill English.

This goes to the heart of the Government’s credibility really on it’s economic programme so we will get an update on that throughout the afternoon. Cross shortly, very shortly to our Jessica Williams our political editor at the Supreme Court in Wellington.

Well, we can confirm the Supreme Court has ruled in the Maori Council’s favour, it means the asset sales are halted, but listen to Bill English when he was asked that question just a short time ago…

Plays back a recording of Bill English in Parliament.

All right, there you go, you heard Bill English, he does not have a plan B.

What is your view, are you pleased that the Government’s asset sales have been halted, stopped this afternoon by that decision in the Supreme Court.

I want your views on this, do you support or do you not asset sales in New Zealand.

I think it’s probably a good decision. There is so much uncertainty around this asset sales programme that the Supreme Court has ruled in favour of ther Maori Council until water rights are sorted out.

I want your views, 3920 text me the key word islive or

Just in news to hand, we need to make a major correction, ah, to what has been reported earlier in the programme,.

The Supreme Court has indeed given the go ahead for the partial sale of state owned energy companies despite major opposition.

It has, and we can confirm this, there have been confused reports coming out of ther Supreme Courst, but this is the latest, it has dismissed the Maori Council’s challenge of the proposed sale of shares in the state owned power companies, it means that they will go ahead, the Crown has argued the sale of shares had no impact on water or the Crown’s treaty obligations, and Justice Shian, Chief Justice Dame Shian Elias says the proposed sale will not impair the Crown’s responsibilities to the Treaty of Waitangi.

It means that the asset sales will go ahead likely at the end of March, that is the timetable the Government wants to follow, so you need to discard what was those confusing reports earlier this hour.

This means that those asset sales will go ahead.

The confusion wasn’t on air, RadioLive was very clear with what it was saying, but their confusion of air led to an embarrassing mistake.

In the rush to get the news out they jumped the gun and got shot up the arse.



Audio at Whale Oil: The biggest media whoopsy in a long time

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