Trotter versus Marwick

Following on fronm the previous post, there’s been some discussion on Trotter’s blog Bowalley between him and NewsTalk ZB chief political reporter Felix Marwick –  from Running Dogs:

Felix Marwick said…

“Even from the Media Table, the animosity directed towards caucus members who spoke in favour of the rank-and-file’s resolutions (the most effective of whom, by far, was Lianne Dalziel) was unmistakeable.”

Really Chris?

I recall us being surprised (and for news purposes) quite happy that MPs and delegates were expressing the views that they were. Generally we’ve been excluded from such debates in the past.

I certainly don’t remember any of my colleagues expressing animosity at those that were critical of the hierarchy.

I do, however, recall you going and high fiving with delegates when the 40% caucus vote remit was passed. I also recall you telling a political editor to “get f**ked” when they joked that perhaps the remit should have had support of 60% of the conference.

And I do wonder how it’s consistent that the Shearer camp, which had been derided at the time by its critics inept and incompetent, suddenly became Machiavellian enough to co-opt the entire press gallery to their cause?

For the record; I do not give a flying bollock as to who leads the Labour Party. I, unlike you, am not a player in that game.

Felix Marwick
Chief Political Reporter
Newstalk ZB

Chris Trotter said…

Sorry Felix – badly worded.

I meant that the animosity was clearly visible from the media table which was quite a long way from some of the bitterest speeches.

And, yeah, I did speak harshly to Brent. I was really angry – and just didn’t get the joke. I’ll apologise personally the next time I run into him.

You have to remember I was a Labour Party man long before I was a political columnist – and although I haven’t been a member for more than 20 years, I was still disgusted at the way the caucus responded to the rank-and-file’s assertion of their rights.

Obviously there are different views on how things happened. Some were observers, some seem to have become quite agitated.

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