Waiting for The Daily Blog

The Martin Bradbury creation The Daily Blog is due to launch today. There is already a post on it at The Standard (lprent there is going to be a contributor) with a link to the new blog of bloggers. But at this stage (6.30am) it’s a no show.

The Daily Blog - no show

Curious – I thought it would launch overnight. Maybe Marty is a late starter, or is trying some sort of expectation building to get some attention.

7.30 – still waiting.

8.30 – still waiting.

I’ll comment more as things emerge.

Must have started up about 9.00 am

An opening post by Lynn Prentice is so breathtakingly hypocritical and false I’ll post on it separately. Not a good start for credibility of The Daily Blog.

See Pete George – an example of right wing blogging falsehoods

Hilarious. I thought it was going to be a serious blog, not a self spoof.

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