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Lynn Prentice has spoken for the authors at The Standard and given his version of their party inclinations. As I said I would in Blogs and party connections I am updating and correcting information about them here.

But be wary, as you will see by the end of this post some of Lynn’s claims seem at odds with known information.

First I’ll explain the context of these descriptions. He is trying to prove an assumption he made that had nothing to do with my post that he was responding to.

I was showing what everyone in the blogosphere knows, that Labour has connections with Labour. Prentice seems to have seen a need to take things further and for some reason prove that not all Standard authors have connections with Labour, something that’s obvious to anyone who observes The Standard.

The pissy comments are just because that’s the way Lynn is, he seems to thins that attempts at messenger trashing enhances his authority.

So here is a reference list of Standard authors

  • lprent – 5 posts.  “open about longstanding connections with Labour and a party member”. Well that used to be accurate. However he managed to omit that I will be party voting Green at the next election. I guess he is rather forgetful and omitted it – despite his writing about it at the time.
  • Mike Smith – 9 posts. “works in David Shearer’s office”.Wow – what a inordinate level of omission. Mike retired as the long standing party secretary of the Labour party in 2009. We asked him to join me as a trustee of the trust that runs The Standard in 2010. He couldn’t resist starting to write posts later that year.However I don’t think that anyone who knows politics is surprised that David Shearer’s office also wanted his advice on a part-time basis. He has a rather lot of political experience (unlike Pete apparently).
  • IrishBill – 17 posts. “Labour party member”.In the words of a Tui ad – “Yeah right!”At the last election he saying that he was most likely to vote Mana. And I seem to remember that in 2008, he was planning on voting microscopic Workers party.He did write a tongue in cheek post about why others should join the Labour party late last year. He’d dearly love to swing the party left and being a member allows a vote on decisions that would help that. It’d be logical for him to follow his own advice. However it’d be hard to find anywhere where he has said he did.
  • Anthony Robins – 53 posts. “loyal Labour Party member”.Sort of, but as anyone who reads r0b is aware, he is so much more than that. At the last election he observed that on his party vote “In the past I’ve voted Alliance, Green and Labour” but was going to vote Labour.Hell I’m more “loyal” than that. I voted Values once in my first election in 1978 and have voted Labour ever since.
  • Eddie – 21 posts. “various people believed to have used this pseudonym, all with obvious Labour connections, sometimes used for blatant political attacks, has been proven wrong”.Interesting that Pete George simply repeats dreck from Whaleoil. Well I guess it beats thinking. And I suspect that he edited something out of that statement because it makes little sense as written.Eddie has been critical of just about every left party at one time or another over the last 5 years. But he has always been informed, left, and critical of Labour and the Greens at various times. He said that he’d vote Labour last election (and I think the Greens in 2008).
  • Zetetic – 19 posts. “this may be another multi-use pseudonym with perhaps union/Labour connections”.Huh? I can’t remember Zet ever mentioning unions and his posts that even mention Labour are usually somewhat disdainful. However as he mostly stirs in his posts it is frequently difficult to see the difference. He said he was voting for the Mana party in 2011 (and RAM in 2008).
  • James Henderson – 22 posts. I’ll ignore the unsubstantiated whaledreck Pete George asserts. But JH always party votes Green.
  • Ben Clark – 12 posts. Labour party member and previous Labour candidate. It is a safe bet that he supports Labour. Specifically at the last election he supported himself.
  • Bill – 3 posts. If I had to bet, I’d say probably leans towards the anarchist viewpoints. Definitely not a member of any party. Said he was voting NZ First last election.
  • Bunji – 11 posts. It’d be hard to figure out who he’d actually vote for…
  • Helen Kelly – 2 posts. CTU and union background and I have no idea who she votes for.
  • Karol – 19 posts.  Probably leaning towards voting for the Greens or Mana based on her statements in posts and comments. Has voted Labour in the past.
  • Queen of Thorns – 6 posts. Said she was voting Greens last election.
  • RedLogix – 1 post. Said last election that he was a Green party member, but would vote NZ First for tactical reasons.

Take what you like from that.

A couple of comments:

I’m well aware that lasty year Lynn said he would vote Greens next election. He said that two years before the election, it’s hard to know whether he was serious or was jumping on the message-to-caucus bandwagon, a few at the Standard started saying unless the Labour caucus did what they wanted they would vote Greens. Two years is a long time in politics. He still has longstanding connections with the Labour Party.

If IrishBill is not a member then fine, but I think that will surprise a fewe people, especially those who became Labour Party members through his urging, and see his comments that give the impression he is aware of what goes on within the party.

Claiming “tongue in cheek” is curious, the post you link to from IrishBill says:

A good time to join Labour

Written By: – Date published: 8:05 am, November 22nd, 2012 – 184 comments
Categories: democratic participation, labour – Tags:

Well there’s not been so much focus on the Labour Party for a long time so I figure now’s the time to point out that, thanks to rule changes (and not just the contentious ones) holding a Labour Party membership has never meant so much in terms of having a say in where the party (and hopefully, after 2014, the country) goes.

With that in mind I’d like to take this opportunity to invite Standard readers who aren’t already party members but who care about the direction of this fine (and occasionally not so fine) institution to put their money where their strongly held opinions are and sign up.

All you have to do is click here, fill in a wee form and make a very wee payment and you’re away.

Over the next few weeks I’ll be putting up a few posts about how the party works and how you can get the best democratic bang for your membership bucks and I’m sure other authors will be happy to do the same.

Like Mike Smith says – the party needs strength and unity if it’s going to win in 2014. So bring all the articulate and passionate strength you all show here to the party and get united!

Comments that a number of people took IrishBill’s advice seriously, discussing joining and some say they joined up.

Curiously lprent also joined discussions about what was involved as if he took it seriously (to the one person who  hasn’t heard of the famous lprent, that’s Lynn Prentice).

Also more curious, in response to:

Member41 19

Love it. Same people that have finished tearing the Alliance apart have now got Labour in their cross-hairs. I just hope we have the strength to withstand this hysterical minority.

Pretty sure we do. Democracy has challenges but will set up us much better. Our membership are by-in-large sensible. We have set a new left-ward direction for the Party’s policy and are getting behind it. Most of us.

Would very much encourage people to join to help us and to be a part of setting our direction. But being a member does include an obligation of loyalty and solidarity to the cause above personalities, and above getting everything your own way all the time.

…is this comment:

IrishBill 19.1

Our membership is barely five percent of what it was immediately before the fourth Labour government drove out many members of the same ideological spectrum as the Standard’s community. Some of us are the same people.

Forgive me for assuming that IrishBill sounds like a party member.

Or maybe that was also “tongue in cheek” and you have an explanation Lynn?

If not it might make it difficult taking all your claims here seriously.

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