Prentice falsehood claims proven false

Apart from the ludicrous right wing claim there have been a number of falsehoods proven Lynn Prentice’s The Daily Post debut in Pete George – an example of right wing blogging falsehoods (and he says “Looks like they toned down my title” – I wonder what he actually accused me of).

Prentice has been full of bluster and bull. And the falsehoods grow.

He repeated Charles Chauvel implications of Minister’s offices feeding right wing blogs, no evidence has been evident and it has been categorically denied by David Farrar.

In trying address criticism and defend his extraordinary claims Prentice has commented at Public Address:

…and found Pete George acting as a parrot for Whaleoil

That’s another blatant falsehood. There is no evidence of this and I have often said I blog independently, and I do.

And in trying to downplay the extent of his Standard blog’s connections with Labour Prentice claimed:

IrishBill – 17 posts. “Labour party member”.In the words of a Tui ad – “Yeah right!”At the last election he saying that he was most likely to vote Mana. And I seem to remember that in 2008, he was planning on voting microscopic Workers party.

He did write a tongue in cheek post about why others should join the Labour party late last year. He’d dearly love to swing the party left and being a member allows a vote on decisions that would help that. It’d be logical for him to follow his own advice. However it’d be hard to find anywhere where he has said he did.

I’ve already shown that Standard comments show this is a very dubious claim, and now IrishBill has confirmed it is incorrect.
IrishBill says:

March 3, 2013 at 8:47 pm

We’re a loose collective at TS. I’ve a policy of keeping myself to myself outside of what I write there but would like to correct a couple of things here. I am a Labour party member (and have been on and off for a long long time) and my call for joining up certainly wasn’t tongue in cheek – having seen what happens when the broader left walks away from the party I’m very keen to see as many lefties as possible sign up now – it’s more important for us to be in the party now than it has been since the dark days of the 80s.

Prentice has also just accused me of avoiding answering questions (which I also dispute):

Spent a lot of time on various blogs avoiding answering questions about his own positions…

Prentice has notably avoided answering questions I’ve put to him in the past, he typicaly launches a blustering attack and then when challenged he disappears.

IrishBill is the straightshooter at The Standard, tough but usually fair. I trust his word on his Labour membershiop.

Lynn, how can I take any of your other claims seriously?

And you said:

“various people believed to have used this pseudonym, all with obvious Labour connections, sometimes used for blatant political attacks, has been proven wrong”.Interesting that Pete George simply repeats dreck from Whaleoil. Well I guess it beats thinking. And I suspect that he edited something out of that statement because it makes little sense as written.

I’ve already said I don’t repeat anything from Whale Oil.

You know very well I have asked you more than once already – do you know of multiple people using a single pseudonym at The Standard?

I think that’s an important question, it affects the credibility of the use of pseudonyms.

Will you answer that?

Or will you be what you have accused me of being – “a liar by omission”?

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