Another Patsy Bradbury interview

Another patsy interview by Martin Bradbury at The Daily Blog, – Interview with Jacinda Ardern

First question:

We have 270 000 children in poverty, a real unemployment rate in double figures and the highest inequality on record yet according to the latest Roy Morgan Poll, National are more popular today than they were on election night. Why has the land of egalitarianism turned its back on the poor?

Ardern didn’t have much left to add so waffled. Next question:

We know the Government need to distract from bad news when they start bennie bashing. Why do we love to attack those on welfare so much?

Answer again unneccesary. Third question:

The working poor look at the pathetic hourly minimum wage and look at the welfare cheque with envy. Instead of blaming the union busting neoliberal policies of the early 1990s under National to explain why they get such a paltry amount, the working poor blame beneficiaries. How does Labour appeal to the better angels of their nature?

And so Bradbury goes on, and on. Ardern gives him time to catch his breath between statements.

Ok, that’s a bit harsh, some of his subsequent questions were brief and Ardern’s replies lengthy, but there was little probing and much providing patsy questions for an Ardern easy ride.

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