Rape culture

A post from Queen of Thorns at The Daily Blog explains Rape culture: we’re living in it, and then follows with:

The first step in fighting rape culture is acknowledging it exists.  The second is pointing it out so others are forced to see it.  The third … I’ll figure out once we get people even to step one.

I know this post won’t end rape.  But maybe it’ll pull another thread out of the rape culture tapestry.  Maybe it’ll mean one rape joke at the water cooler gets called out.   Maybe it’ll stop one “friend” making light of an assault.  Maybe it’ll make one guy think twice about how hilarious it is the way his buddy always hits on the really drunk girls.

‘La Grand Fomage’ comments:

Firstly, I want to state that I think rape is an appaling crime committed by cowards.

That said…back of the envelope calculations show me the 99.9914% of the NZ male population are not rapists and have, most likely, never ever entertained the thought of raping someone.

I disputed that:

I challenge you on 99.9914%. I think rapists are a small minority of males (and it should be said a very small minority of females), but I’d be very surprised if the minority is that small.

And there are many more men, possible a majority, who aid rape by:
– being an active participant in the rape culture
– passively ignoring rape culture

Both active and passive in the rape culture can encourage those who actually rape, and it doesn’t challenge their behaviour.

This is similar in our violence culture where some are violence but many more encourage violence or do nothing to discourage violence. And there are obviously significant overlaps with rape and violence.

Bullying is another part of these damaging cultures.

I’m a passive in this, all of us are to varying extents at times, it’s simply not practical or wise to always stand up against these cultures.

But I also do sometimes actively challenge. I’ve done it on blogs and have been sometimes criticised for that.

And I’ve noticed that if one person speaks up and challenges and holds their ground you will often see others start to join in the challenging.

This is harder and riskier in real life social situations. But it is also necessary if we are to confront these nasty and damaging cultures.

UPDATE: For an example of proof of the culture follow this thread on Kiwiblog (where I raised the rape culture issue):

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  1. James

     /  7th March 2013

    Rape culture bullshit. Want to see a real rape culture…? Go to an Islamic country….Then try India….then get back to we in the West who don’t come close…

    • Don’t try and make excuses by saying it’s worse somewhere else, that’s both denial and supporting continuation of the culture here.

      We have awful levels of rape and violence in New Zealand.

      • James

         /  8th March 2013

        Bullshit. There is rape true….but hardly “awful” levels of it….taking to mean rape is occuring at an above averge rate daily. If you want to truely see a rape culture then look at Islam….a culture that says rape is legitimate in circumstances and that punishment of it in others is not a priority of any kind.

      • Nearly ten reported rapes per day in New Zealand, and it’s known that many go unreported due to hiding shame and victims not wanting to expose themselves to the added trauma of a court case. I think that’s awful overall, it’s certainly awful for the thousands of victims.

  2. Brown

     /  7th March 2013

    “…his buddy always hits on the really drunk girls.”

    I tell my step daughters that bad things eventually happen to people who continually do stupid things. I appreciate that you should be able to get pissed and fall on your arse with your legs apart, without knickers on and not come to harm but the real world is full of not so nice people, like his buddy, so sensible women don’t do that.

    Its not a rape culture – its just the sexualisation of everything and people without self respect expecting to get it from others. We sow seeds and reap what grows from them.

    • James

       /  8th March 2013

      Ohhh Brown…thats “victim blaming”…the new get out of taking responsibility card the feminist Left employ. Naughty you.

  3. B.Larson

     /  8th March 2013

    “Rape culture” is a political ploy that comes about by selectively denying that humans have a subconscious mind. Once the subconscious mind is denied, a woman can rebuild a fractured persona, brought about by trauma or stalled development, by inventing blame where it cannot exist to escape responsiblity for their nature and dodge the difficult job of maturation. Treating trauma is a difficult clinical problem for professionals and stalled development in the form of issues similar to the popular idea of a “father complex” has no place in national politics. I have no sympathy for these types, they are ill, though still functional and have turned their sickness outward onto anyone that is convenient. Politicians, not being the brightest bunch, readily accept the projections of the “father complex”, either to appear to be the protector or because they genuinely care at some level. If the politician simply wants power and the population isn’t too bright, it’s also an effective tool for control in the early stages. However, since the complex for the patient is to find a mate that loves her unconditionally, to match the imagined traits of the childhood father, the men who accept her illogical ideas will never satisfy her and the ones who see her for what she is will reject her. The woman is trapped by her own delusion and continuation of blame is all she has left as an identity. She will seek out and blame men she does not know, who she has not met, always with the same flawed reasoning, like a religious zealot. Men are only fully responsible for rape if they have total control of their subconscious motivations – something which no human has as yet. In a way of speaking, rape is normal, since it has happened with frequency, despite all attempts at control, throughout the history of humans. Methods for stopping or controlling rape (outside of the laws against it we already have) cannot come from the political sphere. Rape is not about gaining power, or sex, though at a superficial level it can be about gaining power or sex. Since the difference is subtle and inconvenient, neither feminists or politicians bother to make the important distinction. Calling all men rapists – which is what the article does by saying you can’t tell “them” apart – exposes the usual attempts at masking the true face of feminism and it’s end goal.


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