Lynn Prentice – another cowardly accusation

At the Standard lprent (Lynn Prentice) has made an  accusation that is totally without foundation and is cowardly and despicable.

(Sorry to those who don’t like this being done here, but when Prentice makes accusations at his own blog he knows he has protected himself from being held to account, I have no right of reply there).

Ironically it came as a result of common criticism of Prentice and The Standard. Populuxe1 said:

Problem is that your authors have no real accountability for their assertions because if anyone dares to question the veracity of their claims they get banned for their temerity.

There would seem to be something slightly ironic in trying to discuss transparency and accountability in the MSM or criticising Clare Curran for her attempts at censoring and bullying the party in a forum which isn’t much better and sometimes is actually worse. I mean really what’s to stop a pro-Shearer author from banning all the pro-Cunliffe dissenters on a whim and the usual arbitrary interpretation of the guidelines?

Prentice replied:

Not exactly. They can question them here or at any other blog site. What they cannot do is personally criticize them here. They tend to wind up with me or one of the other moderators sharing our view on them (and them getting upset because you know – that isn’t “fair”). But that is done to reduce our time and effort in the future. One thing trolls seldom do is change their behaviour without considerable encouragement.

That’s just his standard spiels of “don’t question us” and references to changing behaviour which is code for “don’t criticise us or else”.

But I think you’ve been seduced by our apparent competences to forget who we are.. We don’t exactly do this for pay (there is none) and as most of us write under pseudonyms and keep them private (to prevent cowardly attacks on our work and family by arseholes like Whale or PG) – little glory either.

That is a cowardly attack on me and is highly hypocritical.

Prentice often brags about being nasty, attacking people and banning them (so they can’t defend themselves).

Sometimes he’s just nasty, but as in his recent Daily Blog post he also makes up accusations that have nothing to substantiate them.

I have never attacked anyone’s work or family.

My guess is this is just a continuation of his recent habit of trying to associate me with Whale, which is another blatant lie he is trying to perpetuate.

I could retaliate by associating Prentice with a blog bastard, but I can’t think of anyone in the New Zealand blogosphere who is worse than him, so that would be pointless.

After his recent accusations made at The Daily Blog and also at Public Address (where he repeated accusations after he had admitted elsewhere they were wrong) he avoided answering questions (having accused me of not answering questions).

Instead he retreats to his own protected fiefdom at The Standard to make another nasty unsubstantiated attack.

That’s despicable and cowardly.

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1 Comment

  1. Darryl

     /  8th March 2013

    Prentice sounds like a right royal a…..e. Your way above that twit Pete.


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