Shear Shearer hypocrisy on asset mandate

David Shearer shows incredible hypocrisy questioning National’s mandate on assets sales but he doesn’t want Labour’s position on buying back shares with Winston Peters to be judged in the next election. He says Labour won’t make a commitment until  after the election.

Shearer won’t rule out buy back

Mr Peters said it would make sense to borrow to buy back shares, and commentators who said it did not make sense were “unreconstructed economic morons”.

He  his NZ First party was renowned for going into negotiations “knowing what we want and getting what we want”.

“Borrowing money would make economic sense because the returns would make that totally feasible, but there are other resources,” he said.

“You’ve got the superannuation fund, KiwiSaver or a number of avenues or options you could exercise.”

Mr Shearer said, “We won’t rule it out but we won’t rule it in either.” Labour would not be able to make any commitment on it before an election.

We know all about trusting Winston, but can we trust Shearer?

This is remarkable non-stance and incredibly hypocritical – any post election decision would have zero mandate.

Would Shearer commit to waiting for the result of any referendum before buying back shares?

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  1. Darryl

     /  13th March 2013

    I most certainly wouldn’t trust Winston Peters, with a sick dog. As for Mr Shearer, he can’t trust himself.

  1. Shearer less uncertain on buy back of assets | Your NZ

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