Who apart from Shearer rates Shane Jones?

Since the Bill Liu inquiry has been made public Shane Jones has been reinsitated on Labour’s front bench.

Stuff reported that the Auditor-General…

…found no evidence of corruption, inappropriate motive, collusion or political interference, but the report was critical of Jones and officials for the slap dash way the situation was handled.

“Mr Jones had significant concerns about the advice he was given, but did not take steps to clarify that advice with other officials. He also knew that both the New Zealand Police and Immigration New Zealand were still actively investigating Mr Liu, but did not consult those agencies before making his decision.”

In line with his usual approach, “he wanted to make a final decision quickly”.

Jones did not record the reasons for his decision, and Liu’s advisers were notified of his decision before the department so officials could not correct his misunderstandings.

David Shearer in a press release Shane Jones reinstated to front bench:

“I’m pleased to welcome Shane Jones back to our front bench and his return to full duties in the portfolios of regional development, forestry and associate finance. Shane is a talented MP who has a huge contribution to make to the Labour team and to New Zealand,” said David Shearer.

Malcolm Harbrow tweeted:

Idiot/Savant @NoRightTurn

Shorter OAG report: Jones not corrupt, just a shit Minister. In @NZLabour this merits a promotion.

More detail on his blog post Not corrupt, just incompetent

The short version? He wasn’t corrupt, just a shit Minister.

In most workplace, such an abysmal performance would result in retraining or sacking. In the Labour Party it apparently merits promotion. Go figure.

David Farrar at Kiwiblog in The Jones and Liu report:

Shane Jones is incredibly talented, but also notoriously lazy and sloppy.

‘Eddie’ at The Standard in Jones Cleared:

Well, cleared might be a slight exaggeration but he’s not going to have the police turn up on his doorstep and right now that’s good enough for a David Shearer who is worrying about the lack of brown faces in his top-team.

We can only hope that Jones will have a tighter rein on him now he’s on the front bench. That is, no more attacking the only major coalition party Labour has and maybe, just maybe, sticking to his portfolio.

The “brown faces” comment attracted some criticism and comment, this from Te Reo Putake…

The fact that Shearer took the risk that his front bench would have no maori or polynesian MP’s if the report was adverse to Jones suggests race was not an issue at all.

..but most of the rest of the griping was directed at Jones and Shearer as Anne responded…

Correct. The issue was… whether they voted for Shearer in 2011. That’s infinitely more important than having a few brown faces in the top team – unless they voted for him. Shane Jones did. Mahuta and Wall voted for Cunliffe.

Queen of Thorns sums up common criticisms of Jones:

I remain deeply confused whenever people talk about Shane Jones as being a major Labour talent, even potential leader. What the hell has he actually done in politics besides constantly slag off his party’s best hope for a coalition partner and ordered porn on the ministerial credit card?

Felix was more blunt:

The guy’s a fucking spanner, always has been. And Shearer had a perfect opportunity here to finally get rid of the useless lazy corrupt wanker.

But he failed, because Shearer’s a fucking spanner too.

And from media coverage, John Armstrong at NZ Herald saying Hopefully Jones has learned his lesson:

Now that it has been confirmed that Provost’s inquiry could find no evidence of corruption, Jones is a man unchained and seemingly raring to re-enter the fray. His colleagues, however, may deem his reinstatement to Labour’s front bench his last chance to prove himself, given previous questions about his energy and commitment.

And the Dominion Post editorial Editorial: Not the standard expected of ministers

The question voters may want to ask themselves ahead of the next election is would they employ someone with Mr Jones’ impetuous nature to run their company. If not would they trust him to run a government department?

That sums it up well, but a question could also be asked of David Shearer’s judgement in praising and promoting Jones – can we trust Shearer to run a government?

Shane Jones is now number 7 on Labour’s front bench.

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  1. Darryl

     /  13th March 2013

    Hell, you could never trust David Shearer, the shonkey.
    I agree with:


    The guy’s a fucking spanner, always has been. And Shearer had a perfect opportunity here to finally get rid of the useless lazy corrupt wanker.

    But he failed, because Shearer’s a fucking spanner too. LOL How true.


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