Bizarre morphs to positive

Something that I guess is inevitable is if you have a prolific presence across the blosophere you will sometimes be talked about, sometimes in unexpected places and unexpected ways. It’s weird to see my name mentioned on forums I don’t participate on, and bemusing but not surprising to see it mostly being criticism, and sometimes abuse.

Yesteday was one of the more bizarre examples, at my old friend and foe forum, The Standard. ‘bad12’ is not one of the most astute regulars there, as they demonstrate when accusing a new commenter ‘Mark’ of being me:

Lolz, are you not PG by another name back here too shy to use your ‘other’ handle…

That was in response to a comment by Mark…

Yeah, I remember a whole lot of apparently overwhelming evidence for catastrophic cooling back in the 70′s. Must have been sorted by all the hot air spouted by lefties when blogs were invented..”

…so bad12 proves ignorance of my views on climate change, ignorance of my writing style, and ignorance of my practice of commenting under my own name. I have never commented using another person’s name.

bad12 repeated:

Lolz, PG you naughty little child stop trying to inflame the conversation with such rude references…

Apart from being blatantly wrong that accusation is ironic coming from bad12 who often resorts to rudeness and attempts to inflame. Like this comment, on the Amnesty thread where The Standard was trying to encourage banned commenters to return:

Yeah true as far as the fun of using such overblown egotistical wankers as PG for sport, but, it can become pretty tedious when as befor a situation develops where half of the comments in ‘Open Mike’ on any given day are taken up with such circular arguments which go no place in particular.

bad12 is one of those who jumps on the bashwagon for ‘sport’ and then blames others for taking over threads with tedium. The Standard allows this sort of behaviour, and then they wonder why they have to try and attract back commenters they have thrown out to boost their blog statistics.

And bad12 had another go on a different thread…

Aw PG when are you going to drop the charade and revert back to the usual handle, yes the trying of all the illicit substances will explain nicely the apparent brain damage inherent in your comments.

…again in response to a comment from Mark:

I’m a heavily addicted smoker, have been for 30 years..

I have also tried (used) pretty much every illicit substance.. none of which have had anything like the addictive effect of nicotine on me.. except possibly pot when I was a teenager which I severely regret using then.

This also demonstrates bad12’s ignorance. I have never been a smoker – my smoker parents successfully discouraged me from taking up the habit. My father died from fag fucked lungs (emphysema), my mother died of esophageal cancer.

I have tried pretty much no illicit substances apart from underage drinking, and have never smoked pot.

This is typical of the extreme ignorance often displayed arround the political blogosphere where it’s common for people to make up shit because they can – through ignorance and/or nastiness – and to throw it because they can get away with it.

Cowards can. But their dishonesty reflects far more on themselves than their targets.

If you are open about your identity in the political blogosphere you will inevitably attract the attention of ignorant try-hard-bullies like ‘bad12’. Something they can’t deal with well is staring them down with decency. A handful of blog bitches tried for a couple of years to get under my skin at The Standard. They are still scratching their own rash rants, aren’t they lprent.

If you get involved in politics and if you get involved in blogs you will get abused and falsely accused , it’s the nature of some who think being an attack dog somehow achieves something they can be liked for. The sort of people who like these behaviours are not those I have any inclination to be liked by.

Why keep commenting when there is so much crap being thrown?

Occasionally I get compliments.

But in particular I often get readers, some of whom I presume quietly appreciate my contribution to debate and information. Thanks, that makes this worth doing.

Much of my activity is elsewhere on blogs and other social media forums, but Your NZ has been an anchor of information, where I can expand on what topics of interest with what would be too much for other people’s places.

Nevertheless it’s gratifying and encouraging to see the the numbers visiting here increasing – threefold this year. This will be partly due to becoming known more, but I hope partly becasue I am increasiong and improving the content as I work out what my wee niche is on New Zealand’s political scene.

I’m only a small player but many small players can add up – so thanks for those who play your part by visiting here. You won’t always agree with me, you won’t always like what I say, but I hope you sometimes gert something out of my modest contribution.

This post has evolved from bemusement at bad assumptions and accusations by ‘bad12’, to musing about my social media participation. I usually try and turn to positive.

Because that’s how positive change can best be achieved.

Thanks to all of you who support me by coming here.


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  1. Darryl

     /  19th March 2013

    Pete, your blog is civil, and open to debate. I wouldn’t step inside the Standard, if you paid me too. They are for me abusive idiots, and will never achieve anything in life.

  2. Barry Cowlishaw

     /  19th March 2013

    Hard to determine just what this post is about @ first I thought it was just the pot going to a great deal of trouble to call the kettle black (having not really given bad12s comments any attention) but guess we all have one of those hair pulling days eh pete- get over it mate


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