Peter Dunne – the week that was

Peter Dunne has done “my latest video blog” – The Week that Was.

He admits “it hasn’t been the best of weeks”, with some prominent but relatively minor setbacks. But he turns his focus to positives. Small parties get scant coverage of what they are beavering away at.

So Dunne details “all the other things that are happening that United Future is playing a major part in”.

  • Our synthetic drugs legislation, our psychoactive substances bill…is seen as world leading, innovative, and a step that all other countries should follow.
  • In the next couple of weeks or so, the child support legislation, bringing about the major child support change for the first time since the scheme was implemented over twenty years ago, the culmination of a four year project.
  • The whole issue of superannuation back on the agenda…United Future’s flex-super, we’ll have a discussion paper out in the next few months.
  • We’re also going to release in the next couple of months our new national suicide prevention action plan for the next three years, that’s the culmination of a lot of work over the last year to eighteen months.
  • We’ve got the game animal council bill about to come back through parliament.

Like any politician who has been around for two or three decades Dunne has accumulated many detractors, and he attracts many more simply because of his current coalition connections. But he works away and gets things done.

There won’t be many MPs that cover such a varied workload as Dunne – Minister and Associate Minister, party leader and sole representative in Parliament, plus electorate MP.

Within a week or so recently he went from:

  • Accountants and Tax Agents Institute NZ Annual Conference in Blenheim


  • UNODC narcotics conference in Vienna (where the Psychotic Substances bill being implemented here received much interest and praise)

back to

  • International Fiscal Association tax conference in Queenstown, keyonote address on current tax issues

then back to the fray in Wellington, birthday on Sunday, then to find his carpack tax consulting process had been sabotaged by special interest groups.

Someone at Kiwiblog called that troughing!

And after all that he’s put together this shoulder shrug, positive look forward video.

I have to admire Dunne’s doggedness and determination to keep doing what he can. A bit of a car park quibble is pretty minor.

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  1. Darryl

     /  22nd March 2013

    I have to admire Dunne’s doggedness and determination to keep doing what he can. A bit of a car park quibble is pretty minor.

    ABSOLUTELY. I have always admired Peter Dunne. Very Good Minister.


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