Ironic news of the day – fracking

The Green Party has accused Prime Minister John Key of deliberately misleading New Zealand over the fracking issue.

From Key’s fracking speech angers Greens at Stuff.

In his speech Key took aim at the Greens, saying that if they were to be believed, because of fracking New Zealand will go to hell in a handbasket.

“But the truth of the matter is that the practice has been going safely on in Taranaki for the past 30 years without any issues,” he told the opening.

“And last year the Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment [PCE] gave it a tick of approval in a preliminary report on fracking. I expect that nothing will change in her final report when it is issued later this year.”

Gareth Hughes:

But yesterday Green Party energy spokesman Gareth Hughes said Key was being misleading and deliberately mischaracterising the interim report.

“Far from giving a tick of approval to fracking in New Zealand, the PCE’s interim report said she had significant concerns about how fragmented and complicated the regulatory environment for fracking is, and about how these rules were being applied,” he said.

“Even if fracking is done safely, oil and gas from fracking is contributing to climate change and is therefore bad for the environment.”

We can’t just suddenly stop using oil and gas.

Fracking can have major environmental benefits, including reducing the number of wells required and reducing the use of more polluting resources like coal.

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  1. Darryl

     /  23rd March 2013

    What did I say earlier this morning, about the Greens. What a load of cods waddle from the Greens. For goodness sake Greens, find something else to moan about.

  2. Darryl,

    I love you because you have hit the issue with fracking on the right note: there are more important issues to be concerned about than using Earth’s farting habits.


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